Tarts And Flowers (1950) – Noveltoons Theatrical Cartoon Series

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CotD: One of the later Noveltoons from Famous Studios, well after the Fleischers hasd left “Tarts And Flowers” in 1950 ~

Tarts And Flowers (1950) - Noveltoons

Tarts And Flowers (1950) - Noveltoons

Tarts And Flowers (1950) – Noveltoons Theatrical Cartoon Series

Little Audrey bakes a gingerbread man while listening to a radio cooking show. When the dough is in the oven, she falls asleep. The gingerbread man comes to life and takes her to Cakeland, a colorful musical land of candy canes and ice cream cones. There is a big celebration because the Gingerbread Man is taking Miss Angel Cake as his wife.

There is a song, “Gay Holiday,” with dancing and singing confections, including a drunken rum cake and a caricature of Maurice Chevalier as Mr. Eclair Debonair. This sends the Devil’s Food Cake into an jealous rage. Interrupting the wedding, he kidnaps Miss Angel Cake and paddles her up the old milk stream.

It’s Audrey to the rescue. When Audrey wakes up, she opens the oven to discover in her baking pan not only a gingerbread man, but Miss Angel Cake and a couple of kids. Audrey laughs through the closing as she learns something about life.

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