The Talking Magpies (1946) — Heckle and Jeckle Theatrical Cartoon Series

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The Talking Magpies (1946) - Heckle and Jeckle

The Talk­ing Mag­pies (1946) — Heckle and Jeckle

CotD: The Heckle and Jeckle series debuted with “The Talk­ing Mag­pies” prob­a­bly Ter­ry­Toons most famous series.

The Talk­ing Mag­pies (1946) — Heckle and Jeckle The­atri­cal Car­toon Series

Two mag­pies (billed in this car­toon as “Man and Wife”) are look­ing for a nest­ing place at the Mag­pies’ Hotel. Nowhere is there a vacancy.

Finally they rent a nest in a tree­top just out­side the bed­room win­dow of an old man (Farmer Al Falfa). His sleep dis­turbed, he asks them to be a lit­tle qui­eter. Instead, the mag­pies squawk on relent­lessly. Try as they might, those birds just can’t stay quiet.

Farmer Al Falfa starts after them with his gun. As he rounds the cor­ner, one of the mag­pies has slipped into the radio and is broad­cast­ing a show on “how to rid your farm of mag­pies.” The farmer real­izes that he has been tricked, and the hunt is on. The mag­pies trick him into a bar­rel and turn his own gun on him.

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