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Moose and Squirrel Return With Peabody & Sherman

rocky_bullwinkleFrostbite Falls most famous residents are coming to the big screen in 2014, according to DreamWorks Animation. Not only are Moose and Squirrel making their big screen debut in a new theatrical short, but a long-time voice actor is returning to provide one of the duo’s voices. While not explicitly stated in the release, it is expected that the short will accompany the theatrical feature film release of Mr. Peabody & Sherman.

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DreamWorks Adds Two To Head Home

smekdayDreamWorks Animation has added two hot names to the voice cast of next year’s Home. Look for comedian Steve Martin to take on Captain Smek, the leader of the alien race known as Boov. Jennifer Lopez is also moving Home, playing the teenage girl Tip’s mother. Lopez and Martin join the existing cast of “The Big Bang Theory” star Jim Parsons as the alien Oh and singer Rihanna as Tip, the teenage girl.

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Will Ferrell, Liam Neeson Join Animated “Lego” Voice Cast

Lego: The Piece of Resistance

Lego: The Piece of Resistance

Will Ferrell, Liam Neeson, Nick Offerman and Alison Brie are the latest stars to sign on for the new feature film adventure Lego: The Piece of Resistance, Warner Bros. Pictures announced.

The four will join Chris Pratt, Elizabeth Banks, Will Arnett and Morgan Freeman in voicing characters for the upcoming original 3D animated film, set for a February 7, 2014 release from Warner Bros. Pictures and Village Roadshow Pictures. The movie is currently in production.

The first-ever full-length theatrical Lego movie follows Emmet, an ordinary, rules-following, perfectly average Lego minifigure who is mistakenly identified as the most extraordinary person and the key to saving the world. He is drafted into a fellowship of strangers on an epic quest to stop an evil tyrant, a journey for which Emmet is hopelessly and hilariously underprepared.

Ferrell (The Campaign) stars as the voice of Emmet’s primary adversary, President Business, an erudite, anal-retentive CEO who has a hard time balancing world domination with micro-managing his own life. Neeson (Taken and Taken 2, Oscar nominee for Schindler’s List) stars as the voice of the president’s powerful henchman, known as Bad Cop, who will stop at nothing to catch Emmet.

Offerman (NBC’s Parks and Recreation) takes on the role of a craggy, swaggering pirate obsessed with revenge on President Business, and Brie (NBC’s Community) plays a sweet, lovable member of Emmet’s team with a powerful secret. Pratt (Moneyball) stars as the voice of Emmet.

Oscar winner Freeman (Million Dollar Baby) and Banks (The Hunger Games, Emmy nominee for 30 Rock), will star as two of Emmet’s fellow travelers: Vitruvius, an old mystic; and tough-as-nails Lucy, who mistakes Emmet for the savior of the world and guides him on his quest. Lucy also calls upon the mysterious Batman, a Lego minifigure voiced by Arnett (Emmy nominee, 30 Rock), with whom she shares a history.

Phil Lord and Christopher Miller (21 Jump Street, Golden Globe nominee for Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs) are directing from their original screenplay, story by Dan Hageman, Kevin Hageman, Lord and Miller, based on Lego construction toys. The film will incorporate some of the most popular Lego figures while introducing several new characters, inviting fans who have enjoyed the brand’s innovative toys and hugely popular video games for generations to experience their visually unique Lego world as never seen before.

The film will be produced by Dan Lin (Sherlock Holmes, Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows) and Roy Lee (The Departed, How to Train Your Dragon). It will be distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures, and in select territories by Village Roadshow Pictures.

Burrell, Charles hired to voice Peabody & Sherman

Mr. Peabody & Sherman

Mr. Peabody & Sherman

Modern Family” star Ty Burrell is the new voice of Mr. Peabody in DreamWorks Animation’s upcoming feature film Mr. Peabody & Sherman, replacing Robert Downey Jr.

Meanwhile, Max Charles, who portrays young Peter Parker in The Amazing Spider-Man, will be Sherman in the movie, based on Jay Ward’s classic cartoon segment Peabody’s Improbable History.

Like all of DWA’s other feature films, this wll be a 3D release. It’s slated to come out on March 14, 2014.

As in the 1959-63 series, Mr. Peabody is a dog who’s the world’s smartest person. Peabody has a “pet” boy, Sherman.

In the movie, the duo discover that someone has used their time-traveling machine without permission. Historical events change uncontrollably to disastrous and comical results. The dog and his boy must return things to normal before the space-time continuum is destroyed.

“The brilliantly comedic and paternal sensibilities of Ty Burrell make him ideal for the role of the beloved Mr. Peabody, and we are thrilled that he will join Max Charles as the leads of Mr. Peabody and Sherman,'” said DWA chief creative officer Bill Damaschke.

Rob Minkoff (The Lion King) is directing from a script by Craig Wright (“Six Feet Under”). Alex Schwartz, DWA’s former head of development, will produce with Denise Cascino (Shrek The Third). Jason Clark (Stuart Little) will join Bullwinkle Studios’ Tiffany Ward and Classic Media’s Eric Ellenbogen as executive producers.

Ryan Reynolds leads race for DreamWorks’ “Turbo”

Turbo: Go For It!

Turbo: Go For It!

Ryan Reynolds will lead an all-star cast including Paul Giamatti, Michael Pena, Luis Guzman, Bill Hader, Richard Jenkins, Ken Jeong, Michelle Rodriguez, Maya Rudolph, Ben Schwartz, Kurtwood Smith, Snoop Dogg and Samuel L. Jackson in DreamWorks Animation SKG’s upcoming original film Turbo, the company announced Friday.

Turbo tells the story of an ordinary garden snail with dreams of racing greatness. The film is scheduled to come to the big screen on July 19, 2013.

“Ryan Reynolds’ infectious enthusiasm and humor will bring life to the lead role of Turbo and set the tone for this amazing roster of all-star voice talent,” said DreamWorks Animation chief creative officer Bill Damaschke. “This high-octane journey will take audiences on the race of their lives and completely re-define the traditional notion of moving at a snail’s pace!”

David Soren (Merry Madagascar), a DWA veteran as a story artist, voice actor and director, is set to direct the film based on his own original concept. Soren is co-writing the script with Robert Siegel (The Wrestler) and Darren Lemke (Shrek Forever After). Lisa Stewart (Monsters vs. Aliens, Almost Famous) is producing with Susan Rogers serving as co-producer.

Turbo is a snail who dreams of being the greatest racer in the world, just like his hero, five-time Indianapolis 500 champ Guy Gagne. His obsession with speed and all things fast has made him an oddity and outsider in the slow and cautious snail community, and a constant embarrassment to his careful older brother Chet.

Turbo desperately wishes he could escape the slow-paced life he’s living. As luck would have it, he gets that chance one fateful day after a freak accident when he suddenly finds himself vested with the power of incredible speed. He embarks on an extraordinary journey to achieve the impossible: racing against the best that IndyCar has to offer. Turbo is the ultimate underdog who achieves the impossible by refusing to let his limitations get in the way of his dreams.

DreamWorks Animation’s Turbo is a snail who dreams of being the greatest racer in the world.

Miley Cyrus checking out of “Hotel Transylvania”

Hotel Transylvania

Hotel Transylvania

Selena Gomez is replacing Miley Cyrus as the voice of Dracula’s teenage daughter Mavis in Hotel Transylvania, the representative for star Adam Sandler confirmed.

Both Gomez and Cyrus are former Disney stars.

Sony Pictures Animation, the production studio, would not comment on why Cyrus was leaving the film. Her representative did not immediately return a request for comment. An model of the Mavis character is available on our Hotel Transylvania picture page.

It was revealed last November that Cyrus had joined the voice cast.

In Hotel Transylvania, Dracula (voiced by Sandler) operates a five-stake resort where monsters and their families can live it up, free from meddling from the human world. Overprotective of his daughter, Dracula fabricates tales of elaborate dangers to dissuade her adventurous spirit.

Also starring are Saturday Night Live‘s Andy Samberg, Cee Lo Green (as Murray the Mummy) and Kevin James (as Frankenstein). The movie is scheduled for release September 21.

Other cast members include Fran Drescher (The Bride of Frankenstein), David Spade (The Invisible Man), David Koechner (Quasimodo), and Steve Buscemi and Molly Shannon as a pair of werewolves.

Genndy Tartakovsky (Star Wars: Clone Wars) is the movie’s director.

Hudson, Gad, Hader star in “Me & My Shadow” cast

Me and My Shadow

Me and My Shadow

Kate Hudson will make her animation debut as a member of the voice cast of DreamWorks Animation fantasy feature film Me and My Shadow.

Also signed are The Book of Mormon star Josh Gad and Saturday Night Live‘s Bill Hader. The studio has scheduled a November 13, 2013 release date.

Alessandro Carloni will make his directorial debut with the movie, which is being produced by Melissa Cobb (Kung Fu Panda 2). Carloni was head of story on DWA’s Oscar-nominated How To Train Your Dragon (2010).

In the movie, Hader portrays Stan, an extremely frustrated shadow who yearns for a dynamic life, but happens to be stuck with timid Stanley Grubb (Gad), the world’s most boring human. Finally pushed to the brink, Shadow Stan breaks the singular rule of the Shadow World – “They lead, we follow” – and takes control of Stanley!

Hudson will voice Grubb’s possible love interest in the real world.

Conceived in-house as an original film, the movie will combine CG and traditional animation (the shadow world is hand-drawn; the human world is CG).

Tom J. Astle and Matt Ember are writing the story based on an original draft from Steve Bencich and Ron J. Friedman. Jeff Hermann (Kung Fu Panda 2) is the co-producer.

Mark Dindal (2000’s The Emperor’s New Groove) was previously set as the director.

Gad is doing voice work in Ice Age: Continental Drift, set for release July 12. Hader has been a voice actor in the 2009 animated feature films Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballsand Ice Age: Dawn Of The Dinosaurs.

Chastain makes animation debut in “Madagascar 3″

Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted

Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted

Jessica Chastain, gaining critical attention for her work on the movie The Help, will make her animation debut in Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted, DreamWorks Animation announced Friday.

Chastain, also of Tree of Life, will voice a new character, Gia the jaguar.

Also joining the film’s voice cast are Breaking Bad star Bryan Cranston (also of Malcolm in the Middle) and comedian Martin Short (The Martin Short Show, Saturday Night Live). Cranston will voice a Siberian tiger, while Short will portray Stefano the sea lion.

Ben Stiller, Chris Rock, David Schwimmer, Jada Pinkett Smith and Sacha Baron Cohen will repeat their animal portrayals. Frances McDormand was previously announced as a cast member.

Directed by Eric Darnell and Conrad Vernon, the threequel is scheduled for release June 8.

“Alex the Lion, Marty the Zebra, Gloria the Hippo and Melman the Giraffe are still fighting to get home to their beloved Big Apple, and of course, King Julien, Maurice and the Penguins are all along for the comedic adventure,” Friday’s announcement said. “Their journey takes them through Europe, where they find the perfect cover: a traveling circus, which they reinvent — Madagascar-style.”

The Madagascar franchise has grossed over $1.1 billion at the worldwide box office.

Eddie Murphy to voice “Hong Kong Phooey” in movie

Hong Kong Phooey

Hong Kong Phooey

Eddie Murphy will voice the animated lead character in Alcon Entertainment’s live-action/animated big-screen Hong Kong Phooey, an adaptation of the 1970s Hanna-Barbera animated TV series Hong Kong Phooey, Alcon co-founders and co-CEOs Broderick Johnson and Andrew Kosove announced Wednesday.

In addition to voicing the character of Donkey in the box-office hit Shrek franchise, Murphy was also the voice of Mushu the Dragon in the successful animated epic Mulan. Murphy will next be seen in the comedies Tower Heist (co-starring Ben Stiller) from Universal Studios and A Thousand Words from DreamWorks.

Alex Zamm (Dr. Dolittle: Million Dollar Mutts, Tooth Fairy 2) will direct. Kosove and Johnson will produce with Jay Stern and Brett Ratner. Steven P. Wegner will executive produce.

Said Johnson and Kosove: “We could not be happier that Eddie Murphy will star as Phooey. There is no overstating his contributions to cinema, and to such enduring stars of family entertainments such as Shrek and Dr. Doolittle. We look forward to watching him reimagine yet another classic character.”

Based on the cult classic series, a mild-mannered dog named Penry (Murphy) stumbles into a mystic ceremony and is accidentally granted mystic powers, including the ability to walk, talk and do kung fu. Under the tutelage of his kung fu master, Penry dons a costume and becomes Hong Kong Phooey, and, with the help of his trusting sidekick Spot the cat, cleans up a rogues’ gallery of wacky criminals.

Comedian-singer Scatman Crothers voiced Penry/Hong Kong Phooey in the original series.

“Ice Age: Continental Drift” voice cast announced

Ice Age: Continental Drift

Ice Age: Continental Drift

Twentieth Century Fox Animation and Blue Sky Studios announced Monday the voice cast for Ice Age: Continental Drift, the fourth entry in Blue Sky’s blockbuster franchise, which has grossed over $4 billion in all media.

Fox will release the animated comedy in 3D on July 13, 2012.

Ray Romano is back as Manny, the woolly mammoth and the herd’s “Big Daddy,” Queen Latifah returns as Ellie — Manny’s significant other, Denis Leary rejoins the herd as the saber-toothed tiger Diego, John Leguizamo is at it again as terminally goofy sloth Sid, and Seann William Scott and Josh Peck reprise possums Crash and Eddie.

Joining the ever-growing Ice Age family for Continental Drift is a stellar lineup, including Jeremy Renner, an Academy Award nominee for The Hurt Locker and The Town (and whose upcoming films include Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol and The Bourne Legacy), who portrays Gutt, a self-styled master of the high seas who’s determined to make Manny, Sid and Diego part of his crew; Wanda Sykes as Sid’s stowaway Granny, who causes all sorts of problems for our heroes; Aziz Ansari as Squint, a prehistoric rabbit who fancies himself a tough guy; actress-pop music star Keke Palmer as Peaches, Manny and Ellie’s headstrong teenage daughter; hip hop sensation Drake as Ethan, a handsome young woolly mammoth who has his eye on Peaches; and Jennifer Lopez as Shira, a sabre-toothed tigress who melts Diego’s heart.

Also taking on starring roles are Heather Morris, Joy Behar, Nicki Minaj, Josh Gad, Alan Tudyk, Nick Frost, Kunal Nayyar, Alain Chabat and JB Smoove.

Also returning is Scrat (again voiced by Chris Wedge), who in the first Ice Age (2002) emerged as a movie icon. In Ice Age: Continental Drift, Scrat’s nutty pursuit of the cursed acorn, which he’s been after since the dawn of time, has world-changing consequences — a continental cataclysm that triggers the greatest adventure of all for Manny, Diego and Sid. In the wake of these earth-shattering upheavals, Sid reunites with his long-lost family, and the gang encounters a ragtag menagerie of colorful new characters determined to stop them from returning home.

Ice Age: Continental Drift is directed by Steve Martino and Michael Thurmeier, and produced by Lori Forte and John Donkin.