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Irish Brown Bag Expanding

Brown Bag Films

Brown Bag Films

Dublin-based Brown Bag Films is expanding their employee base to 125, more than doubling size in the past two years. The firm’s most recent Disney series, and the top-rated pre-school show in the U.S., Doc McStuffins, attracted almost five million viewers and will expand to Europe this autumn.

Despite the good job numbers, profits at Brown Bag are off from the previous years. Significant investment in scaling up the Brown Bag Films business last year had the directors anticipating a loss for 2011. Profits are down 33%, from 4.5 million Euro ending April 201 to 3 million Euro ending December 2010.However, the directors state in the capital investments made in 2010 is anticipated to lead to long-term profitability.

The firm is currently in full production for a second season of the Bafta-nominated Octonauts for the BBC and a second season of Doc McStuffins, while the Happy Hugglemonsters will first air for Disney Junior in over 150 countries this autumn.

Founded in 1994 by Cathal Gaffney and Darragh O’Connell based in Dublin, Ireland, Brown Bag Films has received Oscar nominations for short films Give Up Yer Aul Sins and Granny O’Grimm’s Sleeping Beauty.

Last month, Brown Bag Films expanded its entertainment range by establishing a new entertainment brand, Icehouse, that is dedicated “to creating, producing and distributing entertainment for grown-ups”.

The directors also warn that “animation studios in lower-cost countries are rapidly increasing their capabilities to compete in our markets”.

Jamaica’s First Animation Studio Opens

Wayne Sinclair, Reel Rock GSW Studio

Wayne Sinclair, Reel Rock GSW Studio

Newly opened Reel Rock GSW Studio has the unique distinction of becoming the first full-fledged animation facility in Jamaica. The studio was launched Monday evening at its Braemar Avenue headquarters in St Andrew. With a 12-member full time staff, the company is headed by directors Lorna Green, Wayne Sinclair and Fayval Williams.

Their first project is an animated guide to the importance of intellectual property which executive director Sinclair says should be complete in a year’s time. According to Sinclair, Reel Rock GSW Studio will work on various projects, many of them educational in nature.

Sinclair told the Jamaica Observer that Reel Rock GSW Studio is in discussions with Bento Box out of Hollywood, California, and Paris-based Studio Red Frog on possible ventures. Sinclair believes there is a lot of scope for local animation.

“It (animation) is an industry that is ripe for the talents that we have here. Because we are very deep in our creativity in all areas and animation touches all areas of the creative industry, not just illustration and artistry,” he said.

One of Reel Rock GSW Studio’s strategic partners is Toon Boom Animation Incorporated, located in Montreal, Canada.

Joan Vogelesang, president and CEO of Toon Boom Animation, said her company’s software enables Reel Rock to collaborate with studios around the world.

“We will introduce this studio to as many international studios as we can. We are in 122 countries and we deal with every major studio in the world,” Vogelesang said.

Minister of Science, Technology and Mining Phillip Paulwell was also at the launch and shared his perspective with the Observer.

“I am thoroughly impressed with the unfolding of this venture. It is clear to us that Jamaica can corner a significant share of this animation market,” he said.

via The Jamaica Observer