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What– No, Spinach? (1936) — Popeye the Sailor Cartoon Series

What-- No Spinach?

What– No Spinach?

#CotD: Wimpy isn’t just after ham­burg­ers in “What– No, Spinach?” which does fea­ture the famous green veg­etable in the end.

What– No, Spinach? (1936) — Pop­eye the Sailor Car­toon Series

Wimpy is front and cen­ter, work­ing in Bluto’s Restau­rant. He tries all sorts of tricks to get free food at the diner — mostly burg­ers, of course.

His tac­tics include pour­ing hot sauce on Popeye’s roast duck. You actu­ally feel a lit­tle sorry for Bluto, who’s work­ing pretty hard back in the kitchen and has his only cus­tomer (Pop­eye) try to walk off with­out pay­ing. Still, he gets his inevitable spinach-fueled beat­ing at reel’s end, sure enough.

Wimpy sings a lit­tle burger song to him­self at the begin­ning and end of this cartoon.

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Quick On The Vigor (1950) — Popeye the Sailor Theatrical Cartoon Series

Quick On The Vigor (1950) -  Popeye the Sailor

Quick On The Vigor (1950) — Pop­eye the Sailor

CotD: Sim­i­lar to Max Fleischer’s “King Of The Mardi Gras”, “Quick On The Vigor” was one of Famous Stu­dios less orig­i­nal cartoons…

Quick On The Vigor (1950) — Pop­eye the Sailor The­atri­cal Car­toon Series

Pop­eye takes Olive to the amuse­ment park. She falls for strong­man Bluto, and he has eyes for Olive. Feel­ing threat­ened, Pop­eye needs to prove his man­li­ness. Bluto locks Pop­eye in a safe and takes Olive “for a ride.” “You keep your hands to your­self… that’s what you are,” says Olive, who gets stuck on the roller coaster. There’s a fourth party involved… a can of a cer­tain veg­etable. If these two can get together, the whole film may take off in a dif­fer­ent direction.

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Aladdin And His Wonderful Lamp (1939) — Popeye Theatrical Cartoon Series

CotD: The last of three two-reel spe­cial Pop­eye the­atri­cal releases and the only one pro­duced in Miami “Aladdin And His Won­der­ful Lamp”

Aladdin And His Wonderful Lamp (1939) - Popeye

Aladdin And His Won­der­ful Lamp (1939) — Popeye

Aladdin And His Won­der­ful Lamp (1939) — Pop­eye The­atri­cal Car­toon Series

Olive has a job at Sur­prise Pic­tures as a script girl when she dreams up a story of Pop­eye in the Aladdin tale. Pop­eye is a poor young man tricked by an evil magi­cian who tries to use him to get the lamp. The plot fails, and Pop­eye uses the lamp to become a prince and woo the princess of old Per­sia (played by Olive). The magi­cian tricks the princess into giv­ing him the lamp, and takes her for himself.

Even Aladdin/Popeye and the genie of the lamp (who looks and sounds like come­dian Lew Lehr) are no match for the wicked vil­lain until spinach defeats his evil power, allow­ing our hero to marry the princess. In the end, Olive’s story is rejected by the movie stu­dio, and the dream ends with Olive in a sea of scripts.

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