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Brave To Open June 18 at Hollywood’s Dolby Theatre



Disney-Pixar’s “Brave” extends its pio­neer­ing spirit to its world pre­miere on June 18, mark­ing the grand open­ing of Hollywood’s Dolby Theatre.

The red-carpet event is a spe­cial pre­sen­ta­tion for Film Independent’s 2012 Los Ange­les Film Festival.

Pre­mier­ing in Dolby 3D, a state-of-the-art imag­ing solu­tion pro­vid­ing audi­ences with a supe­rior 3D expe­ri­ence, Brave is an epic tale set in the mys­ti­cal Scot­tish High­lands where the film’s head­strong pro­tag­o­nist, Merida, is forced to dis­cover the mean­ing of true brav­ery. The film hits the­atres across North Amer­ica on June 22.

With a spir­ited hero­ine and enchant­ing set­ting in the ancient Scot­tish High­lands, Brave rep­re­sents some excit­ing firsts for Pixar,” said Ricky Strauss, pres­i­dent of mar­ket­ing at the Walt Dis­ney Stu­dios. “We are proud that the world pre­miere of Brave will serve as the inau­gural pre­miere at the new Dolby The­atre as part of the LA Film Fes­ti­val, a fit­ting way to launch Merida’s extra­or­di­nary adventure.”

Accord­ing to Ramzi Haidamus, exec­u­tive vice-president of sales and mar­ket­ing at Dolby Lab­o­ra­to­ries, the 180,000-square-foot, 3,400-seat Dolby The­atre will be a world stage for enter­tain­ment and a top venue to host world pre­mieres and launch events.

The world pre­miere of Disney-Pixar’s Brave in con­junc­tion with the LA Film Fes­ti­val is per­fect for kick­ing off the next era for Dolby,” said Haidamus. “We are com­mit­ted to cre­at­ing the best enter­tain­ment expe­ri­ences, and now with the grand open­ing of the Dolby The­atre, we are hon­ored to host the best as well. This is the first of many exclu­sive and excit­ing events — from movie pre­mieres to awards cer­e­monies — in which Dolby and our tech­nolo­gies will play a fea­tured role.”

Cel­e­brat­ing 18 years, the Los Ange­les Film Fes­ti­val will make the spe­cial pre­sen­ta­tion avail­able to fes­ti­val atten­dees with plat­inum all-access or gold passes. An addi­tional gala screen­ing of the film will be held the next day at Regal Cin­e­mas at L.A. LIVE for pass and ticket holders.

We are thrilled to present the world pre­miere of Brave, a beau­ti­ful adven­ture story, to our LA Film Fest audi­ence,” said fes­ti­val direc­tor Stephanie Allain. “As Disney-Pixar’s first film with a female pro­tag­o­nist, it fits per­fectly with our cel­e­bra­tion of Women in Ani­ma­tion pro­gram­ming we’ll be hold­ing dur­ing the Festival.”

The Brave world pre­miere is spon­sored by VisitScotland.

Up (2009) — PIXAR Animated Film



#CotD: Bud­geted at an esti­mated $175 mil­lion, PIXAR’s “Up” made that all back in the first 23 min­utes of it’s release. NOT.

Up (2009) — PIXAR Ani­mated Film

Carl Fredrick­sen has spent his entire life dream­ing of explor­ing the globe and expe­ri­enc­ing life to its fullest. But at age 78, life seems to have passed him by, until a twist of fate (and a per­sis­tent 8-year-old Wilder­ness Explorer named Rus­sell) gives him a new lease on life. The unlikely pair encoun­ters wild ter­rain, unex­pected vil­lains and jun­gle creatures.

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Brave New Character Posters



PIXAR’s next release is nearly upon us, and we are get­ting a bit more art­work to sup­port that release. Pixar just popped up with some new posters for Brave, and a lit­tle bit more of a look at the new char­ac­ters that come with the story.

Brave is a fresh fairy tale that takes place in rugged and mythic Scot­land. The impetu­ous, tangle-haired Merida, though a daugh­ter of roy­alty, would pre­fer to make her mark as a great archer. A clash of wills with her mother com­pels Merida to make a reck­less choice, which unleashes unin­tended peril on her father’s king­dom and her mother’s life. Merida strug­gles with the unpre­dictable forces of nature, magic and a dark, ancient curse to set things right.

The new posters fea­ture Princess Merida, King Fer­gus, Queen Eli­nor, Witch, Lord MacGuf­fin, Lord Mac­in­tosh and Lord Dingwall.

Dis­ney has a lot of hope rest­ing on Brave’s shoul­ders, what with the cash suck that was John Carter. Pixar has a strong record of hits, and Disney’s cof­fers look to need that stim­u­lus to coun­ter­act the reported 200 mil­lion dol­lar bath that Carter report­edly cost. Iron­i­cally, John Carter was directed by PIXAR alum Andrew Stanton.

Brave is set for a June 22, 2012 release.

Jack-Jack Attack (2005) — PIXAR Direct-To-Video Cartoon

Jack-Jack Attack (2005)

Jack-Jack Attack (2005)

CotD: Released on the DVD of The Incred­i­bles, “Jack-Jack Attack” is a great alter­nate slice of time from Brad Bird’s 2005 film.

Jack-Jack Attack (2005) — PIXAR Direct-To-Video Cartoon

While the Parr fam­ily was out sav­ing the world from Syn­drome, this short looks at the wild times at home between Jack-Jack and his baby-sitter Kari.

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Disney-Pixar’s “Brave” premieres at Edinburgh fest



The much-anticipated Disney-Pixar ani­mated film “Brave” will receive a glit­ter­ing Euro­pean pre­miere on the clos­ing night of the 66th Edin­burgh Inter­na­tional Film Fes­ti­val, Scot­tish First Min­is­ter First Min­is­ter Alex Salmond and fes­ti­val artis­tic direc­tor Chris Fuji­wara announced Tuesday.

Set in myth­i­cal Scot­land, Bravefea­tures some of the United Kingdom’s best-loved stars, includ­ing Kelly Mac­don­ald (as Princess Merida), Billy Con­nolly (King Fer­gus) and Emma Thomp­son (Queen Elinor).

The red car­pet will be rolled out June 30 at the Edin­burgh Fes­ti­val The­atre for a host of stars and film­mak­ers when the ani­mated tale of a coura­geous Scot­tish hero­ine is unveiled.

Salmond made the announce­ment about the pre­miere dur­ing his speech at VisitScotland’s Win­ning Years Con­fer­ence in Perth.

He told an audi­ence of tourism spe­cial­ists, oper­a­tors and busi­ness peo­ple assem­bled to dis­cuss how they could max­i­mize pro­mo­tional activ­ity by focus­ing on major events and mile­stones in the next few years.

I am delighted to announce that Hol­ly­wood will roll into town dur­ing the Edin­burgh Inter­na­tional Film Fes­ti­val when we host the Euro­pean pre­miere of Brave,” he said. “This will present us with an immense oppor­tu­nity when Scot­land will be cen­tre stage in the film with all the tourism and busi­ness oppor­tu­ni­ties this will bring. I fully expect that as the film launches across the world, so will aware­ness of Scot­land increase.”

The announce­ment came just days after Vis­itScot­land revealed that it had joined forces with Disney-Pixar in a cam­paign which is designed to pro­mote Scot­tish tourism across the world and bring a boost to the Scot­tish economy.

The pre­miere will pro­vide a show­piece finale for the Edin­burgh Inter­na­tional Film Fes­ti­val as it plays and will set the scene for the United King­dom launch of the movie in August.

We’re delighted to host the pre­miere of Brave and con­tinue the Festival’s long rela­tion­ship with Dis­ney,” said Fuji­wara. “Though we are an inter­na­tional film fes­ti­val, we’re mind­ful that we have a spe­cial respon­si­bil­ity to Scotland’s cin­e­matic image. It makes per­fect sense that this film, which is so strongly tied to the cul­tural mythol­ogy of Scot­land and the beauty of the Scot­tish land­scape, and in which Scot­tish tal­ent has such a sig­nif­i­cant involve­ment, should be part of our festival.”

Added Salmond: “Brave will be the most high-profile film ever set in, and themed around, Scot­land, fea­tur­ing Scot­tish stars. We are look­ing at a film which comes from the award-winning team behind such box office smashes as Toy Story, Find­ing Nemo and Up, and will cre­ate global buzz when it is released.”

Added Vis­itScot­land chair­man Mike Cant­lay: “When bet­ter than in the Year of Cre­ative Scot­land and where bet­ter than right here on Scot­tish soil to launch Brave for the first time in Europe. The film will show­case the scenery, humor and cul­ture of Scot­land, and we are look­ing for­ward to con­vert­ing cin­ema­go­ers into visitors.”

The Win­ning Years con­fer­ence brought together tourism indus­try rep­re­sen­ta­tives to con­sider oppor­tu­ni­ties being pre­sented by a num­ber of world-scale events tak­ing place in Scot­land from 2012 to 2014.

The 66th Edin­burgh Inter­na­tional Film Fes­ti­val takes place from June 20 to July 1.

One Man Band (2005) — Pixar Animation Studios Theatrical Cartoon

One Man Band (2005) - Pixar Animation Studios

One Man Band (2005) — Pixar Ani­ma­tion Studios

CotD: Pixars’ “One Man Band” was first shown at the 29th Annecy Inter­na­tional Ani­mated Film Fes­ti­val in Annecy, France seven years ago today.

One Man Band (2005) — Pixar Ani­ma­tion Stu­dios The­atri­cal Cartoon

Two street per­form­ers com­pete for a small child’s last coin.

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Toy Story (1995) — Pixar Animation Studios

Toy Story (1995) - Pixar Animation Studios

Toy Story (1995) — Pixar Ani­ma­tion Studios

CotD: CGI Ani­mated films really got their first big boost 16 years ago with PIXAR’s release of “Toy Story”, their first com­puter ani­mated feature.

Toy Story (1995) — Pixar Ani­ma­tion Studios

A cow­boy toy is pro­foundly threat­ened and jeal­ous when a fancy space­man toy sup­plants him as top toy in a boy’s room.

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A Bug’s Life (1998) — PIXAR Theatrical Animated Film

A Bug's Life (1998) - PIXAR

A Bug’s Life (1998) — PIXAR

CotD: PIXARS’s sec­ond fea­ture, “A Bug’s Life” showed they were not just a one hit wonder.

A Bug’s Life (1998) — PIXAR The­atri­cal Ani­mated Film

Every year, a bunch of grasshop­pers come to the anthill and eat what the ants have gath­ered for them. The “offer­ing”, as the ants call the rit­ual, is a part of their fate. One day in spring, when the offering’s prepa­ra­tion has just been fin­ished, Flik, unliked inven­tor ant, acci­den­tally drops the whole offered seeds into the river.

The grasshop­pers come and give the ants a sec­ond chance to col­lect food until fall. Flik sets off to find bugs that are will­ing to fight the grasshop­pers (nobody expects him to suc­ceed any­way) and, due to a dou­ble mis­in­ter­pre­ta­tion, returns with a cir­cus crew, giv­ing every­body new hope.

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Mater And The Ghostlight (2006) — PIXAR Theatrical Cartoon

Mater And The Ghostlight (2006) - PIXAR Theatrical Cartoon

Mater And The Ghost­light (2006) — PIXAR The­atri­cal Cartoon

CotD: Spun off from PIXAR’s Cars film, “Mater And The Ghost­light” brought sec­ondary char­ac­ter Tow Mater into the (lime) light

Mater And The Ghost­light (2006) — PIXAR The­atri­cal Cartoon

The whole town is sick of prac­ti­cal jokes from Mater the tow truck. Hav­ing heard of the ghost­light leg­end, Light­ning McQueeen gets play­back on Mater.

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The Incredibles (2004) — PIXAR Theatrical Feature Film

The Incredibles (2004) - PIXAR Theatrical Feature Film

The Incred­i­bles (2004) — PIXAR The­atri­cal Fea­ture Film

CotD: The first PIXAR film with human char­ac­ters, “The Incred­i­bles” was a won­der­ful mix of James Bond and PIXAR

The Incred­i­bles (2004) — PIXAR The­atri­cal Fea­ture Film

Mr. Incred­i­ble is a for­mer super-hero-turned-insurance agent, who comes out of forced retire­ment to con­front a mys­te­ri­ous and deadly men­ace. But Mr. Incred­i­ble (or “Bob” to his friends and co-workers) isn’t going into bat­tle alone this time.

To save the world from this deadly threat, Mr. Incred­i­ble is joined by his wife, the fan­tas­ti­cally flex­i­ble Elasti­girl; their insecure-and occa­sion­ally invisible-daughter, Vio­let; and super-fast son, Dash. The whole clan is out­fit­ted in newly-designed, match­ing super suits (but no capes, please!).

Despite their dys­func­tion and their dif­fer­ences, the Incred­i­bles now stand united as a fear­less team of super-powered heroes-and as a family.

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