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Tarts And Flowers (1950) – Noveltoons Theatrical Cartoon Series

Tarts And Flowers (1950) - Noveltoons

Little Audrey bakes a gingerbread man while listening to a radio cooking show. When the dough is in the oven, she falls asleep. The gingerbread man comes to life and takes her to Cakeland, a colorful musical land of candy canes and ice cream cones. There is a big celebration because the Gingerbread Man is taking Miss Angel Cake as his wife.

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Smoking in “Rango” accused of health risk to kids


Anti-smoking groups are fuming about the alleged health risks to kids posed by Rango, a PG-rated animated feature with tobacco imagery.

Multiple characters use cigars and a cigarette in the film, released by Paramount and Nickelodeon last Friday. The hero, a chameleon, swallows a cigar being smoked by bullying gila monster Bad Bill, and then breathes/burps fire into his face.

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La Petite Parade (1959) – Modern Madcaps Theatrical Cartoon Series

La Petite Parade~ Modern Madcaps Theatrical Cartoon Series

La Petite Parade (1959) – Modern Madcaps Theatrical Cartoon Series

In a remote French village with a population of 105 people, 104 of them march in a parade every day at 7 a.m. in front of crusty old matchmaker Monsieur Renoir’s house.

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