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Cartoon of the Day: Building A Building

Building A Building

Build­ing A Building

Eighty years ago today saw the release of Mickey Mouse in Build­ing A Build­ing. This was not the same Mickey Mouse from Steam­boat Willie. Mickey had done a lot of grow­ing up– matur­ing– in five years, and passed a lot of his bad habits to Don­ald. And the artists at Dis­ney had shown a dras­tic improve­ment in their skills.

A send-up of the Harold Lloyd Safety Last sky­line antics. At the con­struc­tion site where he works, Mickey has his lunch stolen by his boss Pete. Min­nie helps Mickey out with a free box lunch from her wagon. Upset, Pete kid­naps her and the chase up the build­ing under con­struc­tion is on.

Mickey’s sec­ond Acad­emy Award nomination.

A remake of the Oswald the Lucky Rab­bit film Sky Scrap­pers (1928).

This film was David Hand’s first as a direc­tor at Disney.

Alter­nate Title: “Mickey the Steel Worker (Home Release).”

Cartoon of the Day: Pioneer Days

Pioneer Days

Pio­neer Days

Let’s go way back in time for today’s CotD… on this date in 1930, Dis­ney released the Mickey Mouse car­toon Pio­neer Days. Directed by Burt Gillett, it was one of the ear­li­est “cos­tume dra­mas” fea­tur­ing Mickey and his gang.

Mickey and Min­nie are out West and are attacked by Indi­ans. Min­nie is cap­tured. Mickey comes look­ing for her, and is cap­tured instead. Mean­while, Min­nie escapes and res­cues Mickey. Later, they dis­guise them­selves as the Cav­alry and scare the entire tribe into the hills.

Whoo boy, does that sound like a load of Black and White fun and friv­o­lity! Want to watch it? You are in luck– this baby is on BCDB today!

The Karnival Kid (1929) — Mickey Mouse Theatrical Cartoon Series

The Karnival Kid

The Kar­ni­val Kid

#CotD: The ninth released Mickey Mouse film„ “The Kar­ni­val Kid” was the first in which the rodent speaks.

The Kar­ni­val Kid (1929) — Mickey Mouse The­atri­cal Car­toon Series

When Mickey starts sell­ing hot dogs at the fair, he nat­u­rally has a rivalry with Kat Nipp. Later, he ser­e­nades “shimmy dancer” Min­nie with the help of two rowdy cat pals.

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Plane Crazy (1928) — Mickey Mouse Cartoon Series

Plane Crazy

Plane Crazy

#CotD: Actu­ally pro­duced before Steam­boat Willie, “Plane Crazy” was the third Mickey Mouse car­toon released.

Plane Crazy (1928) — Mickey Mouse Car­toon Series

Mickey tries to emu­late his hero, Charles Lind­bergh, and woo Min­nie with his own, home­made airplane.

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Mickey’s Trailer (1938) — Mickey Mouse Cartoon Series

Mickey's Trailer

Mickey’s Trailer

#CotD: A Dis­ney ver­sion of a Road film, “Mickey’s Trailer” fea­tures Goofy tak­ing pals Mickey and Don­ald on a vacation.

Mickey’s Trailer (1938) — Mickey Mouse Car­toon Series

When Goofy’s in the driver’s seat, Mickey’s in the kitchen, and Donald’s in bed, the adven­ture in Mickey’s high-tech house trailer begins. The real fun begins when Goofy comes back to eat break­fast, leav­ing the car on autopi­lot, tak­ing them all onto a dan­ger­ous closed moun­tain road.

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Mickey’s Amateurs (1937) — Mickey Mouse Cartoon Series

Mickey's Amateurs

Mickey’s Ama­teurs

CotD: Pok­ing fun at “ama­teur hour” radio shows which were pop­u­lar enter­tain­ment in the 1930s and ‘40s, “Mickey’s Ama­teurs” was directed by the man who orig­i­nally voiced Goofy.

Mickey’s Ama­teurs (1937) — Mickey Mouse Car­toon Series

Mickey hosts an ama­teur tal­ent show.

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Mickey’s Service Station (1935) — Mickey Mouse Theatrical Cartoon Series

Mickey's Service Station

Mickey’s Ser­vice Station

CotD: Peg-Leg Pete’s peg leg switches sides in “Mickey’s Ser­vice Sta­tion” Watch for that, and two appearing/disappearing fin­gers on the video.

Mickey’s Ser­vice Sta­tion (1935) — Mickey Mouse The­atri­cal Car­toon Series

Pete drops his car off at the ser­vice sta­tion, and wants it back in ten min­utes, or else. Auto mechan­ics Mickey, Don­ald and Goofy go to work on remov­ing a squeak from the car, only to find out in the end that the squeak was caused by a tiny cricket. Hav­ing lit­er­ally destroyed Pete’s car by dis­man­tling it look­ing for the cause of the squeak, they now are forced to sim­ply throw the car back together to beat the 12 o’clock dead­line that Pete gave them.

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Second Mickey Mouse lawsuit falls on deaf ears

Bearded Mickey

Bearded Mickey

The sec­ond of two law­suits against Chris­t­ian media mogul Naguib Sawaris over a car­toon of Mickey and Min­nie Mouse in con­ser­v­a­tive Mus­lim guise was dis­missed Sat­ur­day by a Cairo court, Egypt­ian state media reported.

Ultra-conservative Islamist lawyer and par­lia­men­tar­ian Mam­duh Ismail, who filed the com­plaint against the head of Oras­com Tele­com, told Agence France-Presse that he would appeal the lat­est decision.

The judge of the Cairo mis­de­meanor court ruled that the plain­tiff was inel­i­gi­ble to file the reli­gious defama­tion law­suit. He sent the case back to the state prosecutor’s office for fur­ther investigation.

Sawiris, also the founder of a lib­eral party, reposted on Twit­ter a car­toon of a bearded, tur­baned Mickey and girl­friend in a niqab, the face veil worn by fun­da­men­tal­ist Mus­lim women.

It was a humor­ous ref­er­ence to the pos­si­ble effect of a takeover of the coun­try by Islamists, who now con­trol par­lia­ment. How­ever, Sawiris was forced to apol­o­gize fol­low­ing calls for a boy­cott of Mobinil, his cell phone ser­vice provider.

Another court dis­missed a sim­i­lar com­plaint against Sawaris last week.

In his rul­ing, the judge fined the plain­tiff, hard-line lawyer Ali Dergham, slightly under $10 for the court’s time. The car­toon did not do any harm to the plain­tiff, the judge said.

Law­maker Mam­douh Ismail filed a com­plaint to the attorney-general’s office about the car­toon. An adher­ent of the fun­da­men­tal­ist Salafi sect of Islam, he repeated his con­tention Sat­ur­day that the car­toon was offen­sive and harmful.

He posted car­i­ca­tures mock­ing Islam, and we see this as a con­tempt of Islam,” Ismail said.

Sawiris used his Twit­ter account once again Sat­ur­day to say how grate­ful he is for the ruling.

I thank God for this rul­ing because I feel that there is still hope,” he wrote. “Con­grat­u­la­tions to an open, free and smil­ing Egypt that respects all religions.”

The Band Concert (1935) — Mickey Mouse Theatrical Cartoon Series

The Band Concert (1935) - Mickey Mouse Theatrical Cartoon Series

The Band Con­cert (1935) — Mickey Mouse The­atri­cal Car­toon Series

CotD: This is a land­mark film “The Band Con­cert” was the first Mickey Mouse car­toon shot and exhib­ited in color.

The Band Con­cert (1935) — Mickey Mouse The­atri­cal Car­toon Series

Mickey leads his band through a ren­di­tion of Rossini’s “The William Tell Over­ture” in the park. It starts off fine until peanut ven­dor Don­ald Duck dis­rupts the con­cert by play­ing “Turkey In The Straw” on his fife, which he pulls out of his sleeve. Unde­terred, Mickey braves on. A cyclone appears and takes Mickey and the band– still play­ing!- for a ride.

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Magician Mickey (1937) — Mickey Mouse Theatrical Cartoon Series

Magician Mickey (1937) - Mickey Mouse Theatrical

Magi­cian Mickey (1937) — Mickey Mouse Theatrical

CotD: David Hand directed Mickey Mouse in 1937’s “Magi­cian Mickey ” with his friends Don­ald Duck and Goofy. Watch it today for a laugh!

Magi­cian Mickey (1937) — Mickey Mouse The­atri­cal Car­toon Series

Mickey is a stage magi­cian, and Goofy is a stage­hand. Don­ald is sit­ting in a box seat, and soon starts heck­ling. Mickey retal­i­ates, among other things by mak­ing him spit out play­ing cards, which only makes Don­ald more angry and deter­mined to heckle. Ulti­mately, Don­ald gets hold of Mickey’s flare gun and lit­er­ally brings the house down around the three of them.

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