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New Walt Disney Bio Pic a Fake

Walt fake poster

Walt fake poster

There is a new poster mak­ing the rounds on the Inter­nets fea­tur­ing Ryan Gosling in a new Ron Howard film called Walt. The poster fea­tures Gosling as Walt busy scrib­bling away in a train car, with Mickey in the clouds out­side the win­dow. Looks like a good film, but there is only one prob­lem– it is a fake.

French graphic artist Pas­cal Witaszek released the poster of a fic­tional Walt Dis­ney biopic on the web over the week­end. The idea of the film– and the cast­ing– has excited fans of Dis­ney, Howard and Gosling. And the cast­ing makes some sense– Gosling got his start on The New Mickey Mouse Club.

But the film– and the poster– are fake. There is no (as yet!) Walt Dis­ney biog­ra­phy film in the owkrs, by Ron Howard or any­one else.