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All Disney Animated Films On One Long List

Walt_Disney_DwarfsThank you all for your interest in our List of Disney animated films. While producing the list with one page for each film gave us the opportunity to add a lot of facts and Disney trivia, it made it hard for those looking for a simple list of the films to get through. Thanks for letting us know, and we heard you. So we have created a simple, one-page Disney Cartoon Canon Index.

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Disney Acts To Freeze Out Competition

frozen_landDisney has seen more than one copy-cat company try and piggy-back on their successes over the years. In a flash-back to the popular films of the 1990′s- and the Golden Films rip-offs of those films- Disney is alleging in a lawsuit that Carpe Diem Films’ The Legend of Sarila is attempting to just that in its video release.

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Disney List of Animated Films

disney_animated_film_listThere is prob­a­bly no other list in ani­ma­tion that is more intrigu­ing– or more argued over. In fact, it was the cre­ation of this list that was the impe­tus for even cre­at­ing the Big Car­toon Data­Base… MY friends wanted to know what films were con­sid­ered on— or off— the “offi­cial” list. The offi­cial list really got going with the advent of home video.… and Disney’s pro­mo­tional ties to other Dis­ney ani­mated films. Who can for­get the nar­ra­tors’ voice before the main film announc­ing the impend­ing release of Disney’s 22nd ani­mated film that fall.

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Miyazaki’s Wind Rises In New York

Kaze TachinuJapanese director Hayao Miyazaki’s new film Kaze Tachinu (The Wind Rises) has walked away with the New York Film Critics Circle’s award for best animated film of the year. The film is also a nominee for best animated feature from ASIFA-Hollywood’s Annie Award.

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Putting The 2D Horse Before The 3D Cart

Get A Horse!With all the talk over the weekend about Frozen, many are missing the little gem of a short that precedes the big, cold monster. While Lauren MacMullan’s Get A Horse! first released last June at the Annecy Film Festival in France, it was not until it was paired before Frozen that it many of us got a shot at seeing it, much less even knowing it existed. And a lot of fun it is- but by the end of the feature, many of people may forget about this wonderful little gem that lead off the movie.

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Frozen Heats Up The Box Office

Frozen_4As the long Thanksgiving holiday weekend winds to a close, Disney’s Frozen is freezing out the competition. Placing second for the extended weekend at the box office, both first place The Hunger Games: Catching Fire and Frozen beat the previous Thanksgiving box office record holder, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2. Within its own little world, Frozen blew away every previous record for an animated film opening from Disney. The animated musical grossed a gargantuan $26.9 million on Friday (this after earning $26.3 million on Wednesday and Thursday). The film will end at about $68 million over the weekend frame, which would give it about $97 million after its first five days in wide release.

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Frozen Leaves Us Cold

Frozen_4Frozen is definitely Disney- per­haps Dis­ney Junior better describes this ‘tween movie. There are bits and pieces of what we know and expect from Disney here, but when it is all put together, a little Disney does not a great film make. This film is obviously aimed squarely at girls 12 and under, with very little for anyone outside that target audience. The music, and much of the film, is confused, unfocused and bland. The artwork, while beautiful, sets no new Disney high-points for animation, and the acting does not stand out at all. Frozen has all the elements we expect in a Disney film, but limited in scope; they do not attempt anything new in this movie. While it is definitely no Chicken Little, it also does not come close to the classics like The Little Mermaid or The Lion King; it is more one of the more forgettable films in the Disney oeuvre, a young girls version of The Rescuers.

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Good Dinosaur Woes Continue at Pixar

dinosaur1Pixar’s misfortune associated with the ill-fated animated film The Good Dinosaur seem to be continuing. A short two months after announcing that the feature would be held back a year- and only three since changing up the films director- Pixar is laying off 50-60 artists associated with the film at its Emeryville, Calif., headquarters.

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Simpsons Honors Disney Short

MusicVilleThe Simpsons is a massively creative show, with years of great parody under it’s belt. Many of their fans wait excitedly each week for the show open, or “Couch Gag”- which varies many scenes for many little surprises. On occasion, the whole open is redone for a massive surprise. Such is the case this week when The Simpsons crew completely rework the open in an homage to Disney classic cartoons, Silly Symphonies cartoon series and Music Land specifically.

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