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Disney List of Animated Films

disney_animated_film_listThere is prob­a­bly no other list in ani­ma­tion that is more intrigu­ing– or more argued over. In fact, it was the cre­ation of this list that was the impe­tus for even cre­at­ing the Big Car­toon Data­Base… MY friends wanted to know what films were con­sid­ered on— or off— the “offi­cial” list. The offi­cial list really got going with the advent of home video.… and Disney’s pro­mo­tional ties to other Dis­ney ani­mated films. Who can for­get the nar­ra­tors’ voice before the main film announc­ing the impend­ing release of Disney’s 22nd ani­mated film that fall.

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Disney Hits The South Pacific in 2018

Disney's MoanaDis­ney has announced an ani­mated fea­ture for 2018– and their newest Princess in the process through the site D55. Moana will fea­ture Moana Waia­liki, Disney’s first hero­ine of Poly­ne­sian extrac­tion. She will be the only daugh­ter of a chief in a long line of navigators.

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Miyazaki’s Wind Rises In New York

Kaze TachinuJapan­ese direc­tor Hayao Miyazaki’s new film Kaze Tach­inu (The Wind Rises) has walked away with the New York Film Crit­ics Circle’s award for best ani­mated film of the year. The film is also a nom­i­nee for best ani­mated fea­ture from ASIFA-Hollywood’s Annie Award.

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Putting The 2D Horse Before The 3D Cart

Get A Horse!With all the talk over the week­end about Frozen, many are miss­ing the lit­tle gem of a short that pre­cedes the big, cold mon­ster. While Lau­ren MacMullan’s Get A Horse! first released last June at the Annecy Film Fes­ti­val in France, it was not until it was paired before Frozen that it many of us got a shot at see­ing it, much less even know­ing it existed. And a lot of fun it is– but by the end of the fea­ture, many of peo­ple may for­get about this won­der­ful lit­tle gem that lead off the movie.

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Frozen Heats Up The Box Office

Frozen_4As the long Thanks­giv­ing hol­i­day week­end winds to a close, Disney’s Frozen is freez­ing out the com­pe­ti­tion. Plac­ing sec­ond for the extended week­end at the box office, both first place The Hunger Games: Catch­ing Fire and Frozen beat the pre­vi­ous Thanks­giv­ing box office record holder, Harry Pot­ter and the Deathly Hal­lows Part 2. Within its own lit­tle world, Frozen blew away every pre­vi­ous record for an ani­mated film open­ing from Dis­ney. The ani­mated musi­cal grossed a gar­gan­tuan $26.9 mil­lion on Fri­day (this after earn­ing $26.3 mil­lion on Wednes­day and Thurs­day). The film will end at about $68 mil­lion over the week­end frame, which would give it about $97 mil­lion after its first five days in wide release.

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Frozen Leaves Us Cold

Frozen_4Frozen is def­i­nitely Dis­ney– per­haps Dis­ney Junior bet­ter describes this ‘tween movie. There are bits and pieces of what we know and expect from Dis­ney here, but when it is all put together, a lit­tle Dis­ney does not a great film make. This film is obvi­ously aimed squarely at girls 12 and under, with very lit­tle for any­one out­side that tar­get audi­ence. The music, and much of the film, is con­fused, unfo­cused and bland. The art­work, while beau­ti­ful, sets no new Dis­ney high-points for ani­ma­tion, and the act­ing does not stand out at all. Frozen has all the ele­ments we expect in a Dis­ney film, but lim­ited in scope; they do not attempt any­thing new in this movie. While it is def­i­nitely no Chicken Lit­tle, it also does not come close to the clas­sics like The Lit­tle Mer­maid or The Lion King; it is more one of the more for­get­table films in the Dis­ney oeu­vre, a young girls ver­sion of The Res­cuers.

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Good Dinosaur Woes Continue at Pixar

dinosaur1Pixar’s mis­for­tune asso­ci­ated with the ill-fated ani­mated film The Good Dinosaur seem to be con­tin­u­ing. A short two months after announc­ing that the fea­ture would be held back a year– and only three since chang­ing up the films direc­tor– Pixar is lay­ing off 50–60 artists asso­ci­ated with the film at its Emeryville, Calif., headquarters.

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Simpsons Honors Disney Short

MusicVilleThe Simp­sons is a mas­sively cre­ative show, with years of great par­ody under it’s belt. Many of their fans wait excit­edly each week for the show open, or “Couch Gag”- which varies many scenes for many lit­tle sur­prises. On occa­sion, the whole open is redone for a mas­sive sur­prise. Such is the case this week when The Simp­sons crew com­pletely rework the open in an homage to Dis­ney clas­sic car­toons, Silly Sym­phonies car­toon series and Music Land specif­i­cally.

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Maleficent Teaser Hits Internets

MaleficentIt could be the best of films.… or it could be the worst. Dis­ney is revis­it­ing one of their scari­est char­ac­ters in this tale of Malef­i­cent, com­plete with a new back story that re-writes a lot of what they first showed us in 1959 with Sleep­ing Beauty. Aban­don­ing the orig­i­nal back story is one rea­son to be scared; hav­ing Angelina Jolie re-create this clas­sic char­ac­ter is another.… but should Malef­i­cent really scare us? We have a peak now to make that judgement.

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PIXAR Shutters Canadian Studio

Pixar-CanadaThree short years after open­ing it’s first satel­lite stu­dio in Van­cou­ver, Pixar announced that the stu­dio is to be shut down. The stu­dio was located in the Gas­town area of Van­cou­ver, which has seen a recent boon in ani­ma­tion shops that have recently moved to the Cana­dian town. “A deci­sion was made to refo­cus oper­a­tions and resources under the one roof,” said Dis­ney spokesper­son Barb Math­e­son from Toronto. Dis­ney is the par­ent com­pany of Pixar. Approx­i­mately 100 artists and employ­ees are now unem­ployed by this unex­pected news.

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