Susie The Little Blue Coupe (1952) — Disney Theatrical Short

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Susie The Little Blue Coupe

Susie The Lit­tle Blue Coupe

#CotD: An ode to old age and autos, “Susie The Lit­tle Blue Coupe” fea­tured Dis­ney fav Ster­ling Hol­loway as the narrator.

Susie The Lit­tle Blue Coupe (1952) — Dis­ney The­atri­cal Short

From a Brand new very loved auto to an abused and neglected der­ilect… left at a junk­yard for dis­man­tling, the crusher and ulti­mately Skid Row, Susie’s story has the high­est of highs, and plum­mets to the low­est of lows… an auto­mo­tive riches to rags story.

You can watch “Susie The Lit­tle Blue Coupe” on video at Big Car­toon DataBase

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