Studio Ghibli’s Castle in the Sky Sets Twitter Record

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Tenkû No Shiro Rapyuta [Laputa, Castle In The Sky] (1986)

Tenkû No Shiro Rapyuta (Laputa, Castle In The Sky

A recent Japanese television airing of Studio Ghibli’s Tenkû No Shiro Rapyuta (English title: Laputa: Castle in the Sky) has triggered a new record for the highest tweets per second, according to the social network.


Measuring the number of times the world mentions a specific subjected over the course of a single second in time, Twitter keeps track of the Tweets Per Second- or TPS- for a variety of trending subjects. With 25,088 TPS, the new record holder goes to the Dec. 9 Japanese TV screening of Castle in the Sky, the animated tale of sky pirates in a post apocalyptic society.

Why would an anime over twenty years old cause such a stir in the social media? According to those who profess to know, the Japanese celebration and tragedy seem to dominate the records across the board. But, nothing comes close to how people feel about their classic post-apocalyptic animation.

The previous record of 8,868 TPS was held by pop singer Beyonce’s pregnancy announcement during MTV Video Music Awards show in August. Other notable records include a recent U.S. women’s soccer team game (7,196 TPS), Japan’s New Year’s Eve 2010 celebration (6,939 TPS), the sad news of Steve Jobs’ passing (6,049 TPS), the death of terrorist Bin Laden (5,106 TPS) and the 8.9 earthquake that hit Japan in March (5,530 TPS).

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