Steamboat Willie (1928) — Mickey Mouse Theatrical Cartoon Series

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CotD: Gen­er­ally cred­ited to have released Novem­ber 18,1928, “Steam­boat Willie” had a prior lim­ited, silent release on this date in 1928 ~

Steamboat Willie  (1928) - Mickey Mouse

Steam­boat Willie (1928) — Mickey Mouse

Steam­boat Willie (1928) — Mickey Mouse The­atri­cal Car­toon Series

A loose par­ody of Buster Keaton’s Steam­boat Bill, Mickey is a roustabout on Peg­leg Pete’s river steamer. After a goat eats the sheet music, Mickey and Min­nie use var­i­ous objects at hand (includ­ing a cat on unedited ver­sions!) to cre­ate music.

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