Sinkin’ In The Bathtub (1930) – Looney Tunes Cartoon

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CotD: 81 Years ago today, Warner released the first Looney Tunes cartoon, in fact, the first Warner cartoon “Sinkin’ In The Bathtub”

Sinkin' In The Bathtub (1930) - Looney Tunes

Sinkin' In The Bathtub (1930) - Looney Tunes

Sinkin’ In The Bathtub (1930) – Looney Tunes Theatrical Cartoon Series

Bosko is taking a bath while humming “Singing in the Bathtub,” playing everything around him like a musical instrument. Even the bathtub gets up and dances. Bosko rides a stream of water out his window, and calls for his car.

While driving, Bosko plays “Tip-Toe Through the Tulips” on his harmonica, and picks up some flowers. He arrives at Honey’s house while she is bathing upstairs. Honey sees Bosko out of her bathroom window and quickly gets dressed.

Waiting outside, Bosko hides the flowers behind his back, but a goat eats them. Bosko begins to cry, but Honey calls out from her balcony: “Don’t cry Bosko! I still loves you!” Bosko feels better, and then kicks the goat in the behind. He takes some parts from his car and makes a saxophone out of them. Honey pours a tub of soapy water from her balcony into the sax, causing it to blow bubbles up into the air. Honey jumps off her balcony and dances on the bubbles, eventually making her way down to the ground, where she and Bosko play her front path like a xylophone.

The happy couple drives off in the car and smooch. Along the way a lazy cow that won’t budge blocks their path. After being spat on by the cow, Bosko decides to run it over. The car then hits a bump that sends Bosko flying out of the car, splitting him into eight miniature Bosko’s. He pulls himself together, and then helps push the car up a hill.

After reaching the top the car starts to speed downhill, with Bosko chasing after it. Bosko grabs a rope attached to the car, but he’s dragged over rocks and trees and ends up in front of the runaway automobile. The car goes off a cliff and lands in a pond. Bosko and Honey end up floating in their car-turned-bathtub, while Bosko cheerfully plays “Singing in the Bathtub” with reeds on the lily pads.

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