Simpsons Honors Disney Short

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MusicVilleThe Simp­sons is a mas­sively cre­ative show, with years of great par­ody under it’s belt. Many of their fans wait excit­edly each week for the show open, or “Couch Gag”- which varies many scenes for many lit­tle sur­prises. On occa­sion, the whole open is redone for a mas­sive sur­prise. Such is the case this week when The Simp­sons crew com­pletely rework the open in an homage to Dis­ney clas­sic car­toons, Silly Sym­phonies car­toon series and Music Land specif­i­cally.

This couch gag– titled Music Ville- has an open­ing title that cred­its it to the “Silly Sim­pony” series, and the titles are obvi­ously taken from the Dis­ney orig­i­nals. The music is rem­i­nis­cent of the nor­mal Simp­sons open­ing theme, but obvi­ously reworked for this new gag. The Simp­sons cast appears here as var­i­ous musi­cal instru­ments, and as clas­si­cal fans or Jazz fans. Lisa is really the star of this piece, which makes sense; she really is the musi­cal cen­ter of the family.

Music Land is a 1935 Silly Sym­phonies short that tells the story of a princess cello from the sleepy Isle of Sym­phony is chased by a more lively sax­o­phone from the Isle of Jazz. Soon, the queen dis­cov­ers them and locks the sax in the metronome, and war erupts. The prince and princess are nearly drowned in the Sea of Dis­cord until a cease­fire is called. The short ends in a dou­ble wed­ding and the unit­ing of the two king­doms with the Bridge of Harmony.

The Simp­sons is tele­vi­sions longest run­ning ani­mated show, with over 500 episodes produced.

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