Silly Scandals (1931) — Talkartoons Theatrical Cartoon Series

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CotD: “Silly Scan­dals” was the first car­toon fea­tur­ing a named Betty Boop, who still has her puppy dog ears. ~

Silly Scandals (1931) - Talkartoons

Silly Scan­dals (1931) — Talkartoons

Silly Scan­dals (1931) — Talka­r­toons The­atri­cal Car­toon Series

Bimbo is try­ing to get in to see a the­ater stage show. Because he has no money, Bimbo tries var­i­ous dodges to sneak into the the­ater, and even­tu­ally suc­ceeds. A stan­dard set of Fleis­cher audi­ence gags fol­lows: First, Bimbo can’t see because he is behind a large hip­popota­mus who always shifts to block Bimbo’s view; the hippo is replaced by a woman with a big hat.

When she removes the hat, she has an even big­ger hairdo under­neath. Bimbo cuts off her hair, and finally, he can see the stage. The crowd cheers Betty by name when she comes on stage. She has dog ears, a white nose, lots of curls and an enor­mous head.

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