Shrek (2001) — National Film and Television School

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#CotD: Named Best Ani­mated Fea­ture in 2002, “Shrek” is also the first ani­mated film nom­i­nated for an Acad­emy Award for best adapted screenplay.

Shrek (2001) — National Film and Tele­vi­sion School

Hideous green mon­ster Shrek just wants to be left alone. He has his own swamp, and is quite happy there, thank you very much. But when Lord Farquaad’s poli­cies force other fan­tasy crea­tures into the swamp, Shrek must make a deal with the devil. So he sets out on a quest to find Lord Farquaad’s per­fect wife and ter­ri­fies every­one he meets dur­ing his adventures.

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