The Shooting Of Dan McGoo (1945) – Droopy Theatrical Cartoon Series

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The Shooting Of Dan McGoo

The Shooting Of Dan McGoo

CotD: Originally titled The Shooting of Dan McScrew, “The Shooting Of Dan McGoo” this film is loaded with great sight gags, and smacks heavily of World War II.

The Shooting Of Dan McGoo (1945) – Droopy Theatrical Cartoon Series

The story begins in Coldernell, Alaska- Population 320 and getting smaller. A wild, rough town where gold is king and gambling, drinking and shooting each other are the major activities.

Droopy is Dangerous Dan McGoo, a lone gambler, whose only love is the girl they call “Lou,” played by Red. The wolf drags himself into the saloon from the 50-below cold and immediately pays for “drinks on the house,” a sight gag that will be reused many years later by Jim Henson in “The Muppet Movie.” As always, the wolf falls for Lou, tries to drag her off and…

The lights went out!
A woman screamed!
Two guns blazed in the dark!

And when the lights come back up, Droopy is victorious, which makes you wonder why the picture is called “The Shooting of Dan McGoo” when he isn’t the one getting shot!

In one gag, the wolf wants a drink of whiskey (Old Panther). After he chugs it down, it shows his stomach being blasted from the drink. His eyes go red, and smoke comes out of his ears. He flies around the room and comes back to the bar. Leaning over to the bartender, he complains, “This stuff’s been cut.”

Come see the trailer for “The Shooting Of Dan McGoo” on video at Big Cartoon DataBase

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