The Shooting Of Dan McGoo (1945) — Droopy Theatrical Cartoon Series

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The Shooting Of Dan McGoo

The Shoot­ing Of Dan McGoo

CotD: Orig­i­nally titled The Shoot­ing of Dan McScrew, “The Shoot­ing Of Dan McGoo” this film is loaded with great sight gags, and smacks heav­ily of World War II.

The Shoot­ing Of Dan McGoo (1945) — Droopy The­atri­cal Car­toon Series

The story begins in Cold­er­nell, Alaska– Pop­u­la­tion 320 and get­ting smaller. A wild, rough town where gold is king and gam­bling, drink­ing and shoot­ing each other are the major activities.

Droopy is Dan­ger­ous Dan McGoo, a lone gam­bler, whose only love is the girl they call “Lou,” played by Red. The wolf drags him­self into the saloon from the 50-below cold and imme­di­ately pays for “drinks on the house,” a sight gag that will be reused many years later by Jim Hen­son in “The Mup­pet Movie.” As always, the wolf falls for Lou, tries to drag her off and…

The lights went out!
A woman screamed!
Two guns blazed in the dark!

And when the lights come back up, Droopy is vic­to­ri­ous, which makes you won­der why the pic­ture is called “The Shoot­ing of Dan McGoo” when he isn’t the one get­ting shot!

In one gag, the wolf wants a drink of whiskey (Old Pan­ther). After he chugs it down, it shows his stom­ach being blasted from the drink. His eyes go red, and smoke comes out of his ears. He flies around the room and comes back to the bar. Lean­ing over to the bar­tender, he com­plains, “This stuff’s been cut.”

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