Ship A-Hooey (1954) — Herman and Katnip Theatrical Cartoon Series

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Ship A-Hooey (1954) - Herman and Katnip

Ship A-Hooey (1954) — Her­man and Katnip

CotD: A clas­sic from the Her­man and Kat­nip series, “Ship A-Hooey” was released early in the series, around 1954 ~

Ship A-Hooey (1954) — Her­man and Kat­nip The­atri­cal Car­toon Series

Mice are on a ship when they see a drift­ing raft in seem­ing dis­tress. When they throw out a rope, Kat­nip the pirate climbs aboard. He invades their ship. They take to his raft to escape, but Her­man has other plans and tries to recap­ture his ship from Katnip.

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