A Little Sex In The Hair?

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Once again, some people are looking for- and finding- secret messages in Disney cartoons, this time in the promotional material for Tangled.

Because of it’s clean-cut, safe-for-children image, Disney has often been a target of groups looking for sexual content in Disney’s films and theme parks.

So here is the image in question. Take a look, see what you think. Anything sexual here? Any secret writing, or anything you might feel uncomfortable having your children see?

Tangled Promo Image

Tangled Promo Image

Previously, we have seen accusations of the letters S-E-X in a cloud of dust in The Lion King (actually, probably there, but spelling SFX instead), naked women in a window in The Rescuers (yup, that was there, but not in home release!), fleeting glimpses of Jessica Rabbit’s underwear in Who Framed Roger Rabbit, and, probably the most infamous of all, The Little Mermaid with phallicly-shaped towers, excited priests and a few other possible transgressions.

Some of these urban legends, like Aladdin telling Jasmine to “take off her clothes” are obviously the product of overactive imaginations. Others, like the Lion King dust cloud, are there, but misconstrued. And some- like The Rescuers topless woman- there is no denying; it is there.

The image from Tangled is alleged to show the word “sex” subliminally. Take a look again…can you see it?

Now, here it is traced out:

Tangled Sex

Tangled Sex

You can’t miss that… but is it intentional, that is the real question. Or is this someone’s overactive imagination. But perhaps the greater question is why? Why would Disney- or an artist there- intentionally put the word sex into an ad. It seems to serve no purpose other than add to the great Disney Sex Conspiracy…

Let us know what you think!

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