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We are always adding new car­toons and series at BCDB, and this week is no excep­tion. Here are some of the new series and car­toons we added recently. Prob­a­bly lot of shows you have never heard of.… but that is exactly why we do it!

First we have Les Pastagums (Eng­lish: The Pastagums) “The Pastagums” is the story of a group of chil­dren at a mis­cel­la­neous school, which is cre­ated by and for chil­dren. All sorts of curi­ous events take place while they are being naughty to their teacher so that she won’t miss them too much dur­ing the next hol­i­days. It’s the kind of school where no one lis­tens to the prin­ci­pal. Every episode is an adven­ture as they defy the rules of the con­ven­tional adult’s world.

From D’Ocon Films Pro­duc­tion we have added Scruff. Scruff is an adven­ture series, tar­geted at 4– to 7-year-olds, and it ran from 2000 to 2003.

Then there is the French series S.O.S. Bout du Monde, also called SOS Team Inter­na­tional. When cri­sis strikes around the world, here comes Team S.O.S.! Floods or pol­lu­tion, famine or earth­quake, no chal­lenge is too great for 12-year-old Nenuphar and Daz­ibao, his mis­chie­vous mon­key, as they travel the world with a friendly team of emer­gency work­ers bring­ing relief wher­ever mankind is in peril. Hold on! Help and humor are at hand.

From Spain and BRB Inter­na­cional we have The Untouch­ables of Elliot Mouse. This series ran 26 episodes in 1996.

Here are some series we need more infor­ma­tion on. If you have any, or an episode guide for these series, please let us know!

Thanks and have a great weekend!

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