Sadie Hawkins Day (1944) — Lil’ Abner Cartoon Series

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Sadie Hawkins Day

Sadie Hawkins Day

#CotD: One of only five ani­mated Lil’ Abner car­toons, “Sadie Hawkins Day” was based on Car­toon­ist Al Capps’ comic strip.

Sadie Hawkins Day (1944) — Lil’ Abner Car­toon Series

The car­toon opens on a recre­ation of a full page color Li’l Abner strip, and mixes through to a sta­tic panel, com­plete with speech bal­loon. Then the bal­loon dis­ap­pears and the char­ac­ters start to move and speak.

It’s Sadie Hawkins Day in Dog­patch, and Mammy has Abner in train­ing. But Daisy Mae is in train­ing too, and Mammy has to use all her strength and skills to help Abner race to safety and avoid mat­ri­mony for another year.

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