The Rowdy Ruff Boys (1999) — The Powerpuff Girls Episode Guide

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The Rowdy Ruff Boys

The Rowdy Ruff Boys

CotD: Cre­ated by Craig McCracken, The Pow­er­puff Girls and “The Rowdy Ruff Boys” also proved a solid series for Gen­ndy Tar­takovsky and Paul Rud­ish to work on their ani­amtion chops.

The Rowdy Ruff Boys (1999) — The Pow­er­puff Girls Episode Guide

Sore over being foiled again and again by the Pow­er­puff Girls, Mojo devises his most threat­en­ing scheme yet. Using armpit hair in place of snakes, escar­got in place of snails and Puppy’s tail– plus a lit­tle eau de jail­house toi­lette as a Chem­i­cal X stand-in, Mojo cre­ates the Row­dyruff Boys.

When the action moves to high above Townsville, the Boys kick in a secret weapon (enhanced by a gas-producing lunch) and leave the Girls beyond help. Or so it seems.

The tears of Townsvil­lains are enough to bring them back to life, but how can they defeat their pint-sized neme­ses? Enter Ms. Bel­lum, who imparts the bit of fem­i­nine wis­dom that proves to be the Boys’ undoing.

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