Robin Hood Daffy (1958) – Merrie Melodies Theatrical Cartoon Series

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Robin Hood Daffy

Robin Hood Daffy

CotD: Daffy steps up to center screen in “Robin Hood Daffy” as he once again tries to out-do Errol Flynn.

Robin Hood Daffy (1958) – Merrie Melodies Theatrical Cartoon Series

A classic Chuck Jones comedy, “which is to laugh!” Wanted posters scattered across Sherwood Forest tell us that Daffy Duck is Robin Hood, but Porky Pig, as fat Friar Tuck, who would join up with Robin Hood and his band of jolly outlaws, isn’t so easily convinced. When Porky comes across the klutzy Daffy, he can’t believe that he could possibly be Robin Hood. Daffy tries to set the record straight.

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