Robin Hood (1973) — Disney Feature Length Theatrical Animated Film

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Robin Hood (1973) - Disney

Robin Hood (1973) — Disney

CotD: Tak­ing an animal-ified of a clas­sic tale, Disney’s “Robin Hood” re-used a lot of ani­ma­tion, includ­ing bits from Snow White and Jun­gle Book.

Robin Hood (1973) — Dis­ney Fea­ture Length The­atri­cal Ani­mated Film

The clas­sic story of the ban­dit of Sher­wood For­est is given a new twist-all the char­ac­ters are ani­mals. Robin Hood is a fox, as is Maid Mar­ian. Lit­tle John is a very big bear, Friar Tuck is a bad­ger, and Prince John is a scrawny lion who tries to usurp the throne and oppress the good cit­i­zens of Not­ting­ham while his brother, King Richard, is away on the Cru­sades. It is only through the inter­ven­tion of clever Robin Hood– and some rob­bing of the rich to give to the poor– that the king­dom is saved, and the good king can reclaim his throne.

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