Ratatouille (2007) — Feature Length Theatrical Animated Film

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CotD: Since every­thing is com­ing up PIXAR these days, today we have “Rata­touille” from 2007 ~ http://www.bcdb.com/cartoon/62177-Ratatouille.html

Ratatouille (2007) - Feature Length Theatrical Animated

Rata­touille (2007) — Fea­ture Length The­atri­cal Animated

Rata­touille (2007) — Fea­ture Length The­atri­cal Ani­mated Film

A rat named Remy dreams of becom­ing a great chef despite his family’s wishes and the obvi­ous prob­lem of being a rat in a decid­edly rodent-phobic pro­fes­sion. When fate places Remy in the city of Paris, he finds him­self ide­ally sit­u­ated beneath a restau­rant made famous by his culi­nary hero, Auguste Gusteau. Despite the appar­ent dan­gers of being an unwanted vis­i­tor in the kitchen at one of Paris’ most exclu­sive restau­rants, Remy forms an unlikely part­ner­ship with Lin­guini, the garbage boy, who inad­ver­tently dis­cov­ers Remy’s amaz­ing tal­ents. They strike a deal, ulti­mately set­ting into motion a hilar­i­ous and excit­ing chain of extra­or­di­nary events that turns the culi­nary world of Paris upside down.

Remy finds him­self torn between fol­low­ing his dreams or return­ing for­ever to his pre­vi­ous exis­tence as a rat. He learns the truth about friend­ship, fam­ily and hav­ing no choice but to be who he really is, a rat who wants to be a chef.

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