A Rainy Day (1940) — MGM Theatrical Cartoon

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A Rainy Day

A Rainy Day

CotD: Repris­ing their first appear­ance in “Goldilocks And The Three Bears”, the Bear Fam­ily faces “A Rainy Day” and some incred­i­ble ani­ma­tion of the roof shin­gles turn­ing into big waves.

A Rainy Day (1940) — MGM The­atri­cal Cartoon

Mama Bear per­suades her reluc­tant hus­band Papa Bear to fix the shin­gles on the roof, a job that he put off doing. But the job proves larger than it first appeared, and he ends up try­ing to do the job in a vio­lent rain­storm that esca­lates into a tor­nado, mak­ing things worse with each fit of tem­per. The task becomes far more highly per­ilous as well, between the attack­ing light­ning, the slip­pery roof and the high winds.

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