Puss in Boots declawed for release in Arab nation

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Puss In Boots

Puss In Boots

Dream­works Animation’s “Shrek” spin­off movie “Puss in Boots” has been given a name change for release in the United Arab Emirates.

But the Mideast country’s National Media Coun­cil says that renam­ing the film Cat in Boots had noth­ing to do with censorship.

A coun­cil source says that it wasn’t involved in the deci­sion at all.

I can say 100 per­cent, even 1,000 per­cent that we have had noth­ing to do with this film. We have not received any com­plaints about the name and we have not con­tacted any­one ask­ing them to change it,” the source said.

The Hol­ly­wood stu­dio made the deci­sion to change “Puss” to “Cat,” and the National Media Coun­cil was not involved in dis­cus­sions, the source added.

Ear­lier reports sug­gested that UAE cen­sors had demanded that “Puss” be scratched.

Cat in Boots — as it was renamed — opened late last month in UAE movie houses.

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