Pudgy The Watchman (1938) – Betty Boop Theatrical Cartoon Series

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Pudgy The Watchman (1938)

Pudgy The Watchman (1938)

CotD: Post-code Betty Boop Theatrical Cartoons like “Pudgy The Watchman” is not as sexy as the earlier shorts, but can be a lot of fun ~ http://www.bcdb.com/cartoon/1654-Pudgy_The_Watchman.html

Pudgy The Watchman (1938) – Betty Boop Theatrical Cartoon Series

Betty is conned into hiring Al E. Katz, a crooked cat, to solve her rodent woes because Pudgy isn’t doing his job. A traditional mean cat-vs.-cute mice struggle ensues. At one point, the cat shellacs the tails of the mice, throwing the rodents backwards at a beach umbrella in a homemade dart game. Eventually, the feline shyster drinks a cask of cider in the cellar and gets sloshed. When the mice lead him on a chase back upstairs, Betty’s relieved to have Pudgy throw Katz out the window.

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