Princess Mononoke Actress Mitsuko Mori Dead at 92

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Mitsuko Mori

Mitsuko Mori

Actress Mitsuko Mori, the voice of Hii-sama in the original Japanese version of Hayao Miyazaki’s 1997 film Princess Mononoke, died Saturday at a Tokyo hospital. She was 92.

She died due to heart failure caused by pneumonia.

Mori was nominated for the Award of the Japanese Academy for Best Actress in connection with her leading role as Yuriko Hirosawa (The Authoress) in 2000’s Kawa no nagare no you ni. She received the Order of Culture and the People’s Honor Award.

Mori portrayed the main character in Horoki over 2,000 times. In addiiton, she played the main role in the popular TV drama Jikan desu yo (It’s time).

She was born Mitsu Murakami in Kyoto on May 9, 1923.

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