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Frankenweenie (2012)

Franken­wee­nie (2012)

Tim Bur­ton is deep in pro­duc­tion of his stop motion remake to his 1984 fea­turette Franken­wee­nie  titled, strangely enough, Franken­wee­nie. Slated for am Octo­ber 2012 release, we now have the first teaser poster for the new Franken­wee­nie.

An homage to Mary Shelly’s Franken­stein, and the clas­sic 1931 hor­ror film directed by James Whale and star­ring Boris Karloff, the movie tells the story of a boy named Vic­tor whose dog dies. Vic­tor uses the power of sci­ence to bring it back to life…

The orig­i­nal 1984 film by Tim Bur­ton caused quite a rift between the direc­tor and Dis­ney. As orig­i­nally planned, the fea­turette (30 min­utes in length; longer than a short but not a feature-length film) was to pre­sented before the U.S. before a re-release of Pinoc­chio on Dec. 21, 1984. When Dis­ney saw the film, they imme­di­ately pulled it, and then fired Bur­ton. The stu­dio claimed that Bur­ton had wasted com­pany resources and felt the film was too scary for young audiences.

By 1994, see­ing Burton’s suc­cesses with films such as Bat­man and Pee-Wee’s Big Adven­ture, Dis­ney rethought their ban and released the fea­turette to home video.

The mod­ern film has seen a tumul­tuous release sched­ule. Orig­i­nally slated for a Novem­ber 2011 release, the release was pushed to March 9th last Sep­tem­ber. In Octo­ber, Disney’s John Carter was moved into the March release date, and Franken­wee­nie was move to it’s cur­rent Octo­ber release date.

The mod­ern retake on the film will be a stop-motion fea­ture, and pro­duced in Dis­ney 3D. Char­lie Tahan is voic­ing the lead char­ac­ter Vic­tor Franken­stein, while Bur­ton alums Winona Ryder voices Elsa van Hels­ing and Cather­ine O’Hara will speak for Susan Franken­stein. Round­ing out the cast are Mar­tin Short as Victor’s Dad and Mar­tin Lan­dau as Mr. Rzykruski.

Frankenweenie (2012)

Franken­wee­nie (2012)

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