Picador Porky (1949) – Looney Tunes Theatrical Cartoon Series

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Picador Porky

Picador Porky

CotD: An early Porky short, “Picador Porky” is Mel Blanc’s first appearance in a Warner Bros. short.

Picador Porky (1949) – Looney Tunes Theatrical Cartoon Series

Slumbering peacefully ‘neath the warm caresses of the noonday sun lies the sleepy little village of La Rosita.

It presents a scene of serene quietude and beauty as its inhabitants enjoy a midday siesta preceding the annual bullfight.

“The solitude is broken only by the occasional strains of a soft guitar.”

Stone broke, Porky and two gringo-dog buddies have hoboed to a Mexican town, apparently on a drinking-binge vacation. They stumble (and we do mean “stumble”) across a sign about the annual bullfighting contest; the winner will receive 1,000 pesos. Porky and his two pals decide to cheat their way to the money by renting a bull costume and a matador outfit in order to win the prize. The plan is to substitute two of them in a bull costume for the real thing, with Porky fighting off the phony bull and then splitting the loot. But the old switcheroo takes place instead. In the bullring, it’s quite a while before Porky realizes that it’s not his friends in disguise, but a real (and very mean) bull whom he’s been out there abusing for the audience!

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