Penguins take wing with “Madagascar” spin-off film

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Penguins Madagascar

Pen­guins Madagascar

If you never thought that pen­guins could get off the ground, Dream­Works Ani­ma­tion is out to prove otherwise.

The pen­guins of DWA’s Mada­gas­car fran­chise are set to star in their own fea­ture film, with Alan J. School­craft and Brent Simons — the writ­ers of last fall’s Mega­mind — hired to han­dle the project.

School­craft and Simons will write the script and develop the story. Cur­rently, there is no direc­tor or co-directors, and no release date has been set.

Para­mil­i­tary pen­guins Skip­per, Kowal­ski, Pri­vate and Rico will be fea­tured in the movie. They were — and are — sup­port­ing char­ac­ters in the Mada­gas­car films (Mada­gas­car 3 is set for release in 2012).

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