Partly Cloudy (2009) – PIXAR Animated Film

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Partly Cloudy

Partly Cloudy

#CotD: released theatrically with the film Up, “Partly Cloudy” was a new look at the classic stork stories.

Partly Cloudy (2009) – PIXAR Animated Film

Each day, storks deliver babies both human and animal all across the world. The source of their bundles of joy come from a series of cloud people, who sculpt the the young ones and bring them to life.

While most of the clouds deal with cute little puppies or chicks, one of them named Gus is tasked with creating some of the more volatile of babies. This begins to take a toll on his friend, a stork named Peck. Over the course of the film, Peck is tasked to deliver a baby crocodile, a baby ram, and a baby porcupine.

Each time, Peck returns a little more worse for wear. When he returns to find that Gus is planning to have him deliver a baby shark, Peck flies off to another cloud person. Gus grows angry, and then upset that his friend has abandoned him.

Soon after, Peck returns and gives the reason why he left: the other cloud person had helped fashion some protective gear for the plucky stork to continue to assist his friend. Gus is overjoyed that Peck has returned, and produces Peck’s next delivery: a baby electric eel.

You can watch “Partly Cloudy” on video at Big Cartoon DataBase

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