Partly Cloudy (2009) — PIXAR Animated Film

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Partly Cloudy

Partly Cloudy

#CotD: released the­atri­cally with the film Up, “Partly Cloudy” was a new look at the clas­sic stork stories.

Partly Cloudy (2009) — PIXAR Ani­mated Film

Each day, storks deliver babies both human and ani­mal all across the world. The source of their bun­dles of joy come from a series of cloud peo­ple, who sculpt the the young ones and bring them to life.

While most of the clouds deal with cute lit­tle pup­pies or chicks, one of them named Gus is tasked with cre­at­ing some of the more volatile of babies. This begins to take a toll on his friend, a stork named Peck. Over the course of the film, Peck is tasked to deliver a baby croc­o­dile, a baby ram, and a baby porcupine.

Each time, Peck returns a lit­tle more worse for wear. When he returns to find that Gus is plan­ning to have him deliver a baby shark, Peck flies off to another cloud per­son. Gus grows angry, and then upset that his friend has aban­doned him.

Soon after, Peck returns and gives the rea­son why he left: the other cloud per­son had helped fash­ion some pro­tec­tive gear for the plucky stork to con­tinue to assist his friend. Gus is over­joyed that Peck has returned, and pro­duces Peck’s next deliv­ery: a baby elec­tric eel.

You can watch “Partly Cloudy” on video at Big Car­toon DataBase

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