Is My Palm Read (1933) – Betty Boop Theatrical Cartoon Series

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Is My Palm Read Betty Boop Cartoon

Is My Palm Read Betty Boop Cartoon

CotD: A great example of how racy a pre-Hayes Code short could be, “Is My Palm Read” features Betty Boop in her birthday suit. Don’t believe us- watch it.

Is My Palm Read (1933) – Betty Boop Theatrical Cartoon Series

Bimbo the fortune-teller tries to score with Betty Boop. As she enters the house, the lights are changed so as to see Betty’s silhouette through her dress, upon which Bimbo and Koko remark “Hi-dee-ho!”

In his crystal ball, Bimbo shows Betty “the gone-by days of your naked youth,” bringing up a scene of a very young (and nude!) Betty taking a bath. Then the crystal ball reveals Betty cast adrift on the ocean, and landing on a haunted jungle island, where she removes her wet clothes, loses them, and finds tree leaves to cover herself. Bimbo conjures up a “fortune” in which he rescues the shipwrecked Betty. “My hero!” squeaks Betty… but Bimbo turns out to be a better prophet than he thought, as an unsavory group of ghosts boil out of the crystal ball and chase Betty and Bimbo through a jungle that appears out of nowhere.

The pair finally evade their pursuers through one of the earliest uses of the old “hollow log over the cliff” trick (these apparently being the world’s least buoyant ghosts).

Come see “Is My Palm Read” on video at Big Cartoon DataBase

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