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Oscar Statuette, Academy Awards

Oscar Stat­uette, Acad­emy Awards

The nom­i­nees for the Oscar at the 84th annual Acad­emy Awards are in. Five short films are picked for Best Short Film (ani­mated), and this year, the choices are:

Dimache (Sun­day) National Film Board of Canada, Patrick Doyon Direc­tor. A small boy’s Sun­day is filled with both ordi­nary and extra­or­di­nary events.

The Fan­tas­tic Fly­ing Books of Mr. Mor­ris Less­more Moon­bot Stu­dios, William Joyce, Bran­don Old­en­burg direc­tors. A storm trans­ports a young man to a place where books are liv­ing entities.

La Luna Pixar Ani­ma­tion Stu­dios, Enrico Casarosa direc­tor. A young boy accom­pa­nies his father and grand­fa­ther to their unusual night­time job.

A Morn­ing Stroll Stu­dio aka, Grant Orchard direc­tor. A New Yorker passes a chicken out for its morn­ing stroll.

Wild Life National Film Board of Canada, Stu­dio GDS, Amanda For­bis, Wendy Tilby direc­tors. A young Eng­lish­man with more enthu­si­asm than prac­ti­cal expe­ri­ence emi­grates to Canada to become a rancher.

A great range of films; good luck to the nominees.

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