NFB Animations at the Festival du Nouveau Cinéma

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Festival du Nouveau Cinéma

Festival du Nouveau Cinéma

Several animated productions and co-productions of the National Film Board of Canada will be screening at the 41st edition of the Festival du Nouveau Cinéma, to be held in Montreal from October 10 to 21.

A recently premiered short animated film from the NFB is in official competition: Edmond Was a Donkey (Papy3D Productions/ARTE France/NFB), directed by Franck Dion. The film is screening in Quebec for the first time, as are the remarkable Kali the Little Vampire (Folimage Studios/Ciclope Filmes/NFB/Studio GDS), directed by Regina Pessoa, and L’automne de Pougne (Folimage Studio – Foliascope/Piwi+/Carpe Diem Film & TV/NFB), directed by Pierre-Luc Granjon and Antoine Lanciaux.

The full slate once again highlights the NFB’s expertise in animation.

Twenty-seven films — including two from the NFB — are in the running for the Loup Argenté award, given to the best short film in international selection at the festival.

Over the past few months, Edmond Was a Donkeythe third animated film by French filmmaker Franck Dion — has taken home the special jury prize at the Annecy international animation festival and the Bravo!FACT prize for best Canadian short at the Worldwide Short Film Festival in Toronto. Dion brings us the touching story of an outsider who does not reveal his true self until the day his co-workers place a set of donkey ears on his head. Edmond then discovers the challenges of being true to one’s self in a world of social conformists. The film is co-produced by Papy3D Productions and the NFB. The festival screening is its Quebec premiere.

Kali the Little Vampire is a must-see in the festival’s P’tits loups (Young Wolves) section of programming for children. A co-production between France, Portugal, Switzerland and Canada, this animated film has already won four international awards, including the prestigious Hiroshima prize. Directed by Portuguese filmmaker Regina Pessoa, this poetic fable reminds us that there can be acceptance for all — even young Kali, who is having a hard-time coming to terms with being a vampire. This film is the third and final instalment in Pessoa’s trilogy on the discomforts of childhood. It is masterfully narrated by Oscar-winning actor Christopher Plummer.

L’automne de Pougne (Poppety In The Fall), directed by Pierre-Luc Granjon and Antoine Lanciaux, features the return of the award-winning grumpy hedgehog and his other puppet friends from the land of King Balthasar for one last adventure, in which they search for a hidden treasure that turns out to consist of love, forgiveness and family.

The NFB — like the FNC — is enthusiastic about exploring new technologies and the broadcast and distribution platforms of tomorrow. There are three interactive NFB projects at the festival, each bringing together the art of animation, photography, and sound: Soldier Brother by Kaitlin Ann Jones, Bear 71 by Jeremy Mendes and Leanne Allison, and 24 poses féministes by Caroline Hayeur. These projects will be available on the FNC’s Web site and can be seen on touch-screens installed in several locations at the festival.

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