The Three Musketeers In Boots (1972) — Feature Theatrical Cartoon

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CotD: Here is a Japan­ese fea­ture that a lot of peo­ple seem to like; what do you think of 1972’s “The Three Mus­ke­teers In Boots”

The Three Musketeers In Boots

The Three Mus­ke­teers In Boots

The Three Mus­ke­teers In Boots (1972) — Fea­ture The­atri­cal Cartoon

Sequel to 1969’s “Nagagutsu O Haita Neko” (Puss In Boots), which also fea­tured Pero. Pero became the mas­cot and sym­bol of Toei Animation.

Watch The Three Mus­ke­teers In Boots on Video Here

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