Mr. Mojo’s Rising (1999) — The Powerpuff Girls Cartoon Episode Guide

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Mr. Mojo's Rising (1999) -  The Powerpuff Girls

Mr. Mojo’s Ris­ing (1999) — The Pow­er­puff Girls

CotD: We all know how The Pow­er­puff Girls were cre­ated; “Mr. Mojo’s Ris­ing” give us a look at the ori­gins of Mojo Jojo– who came from the very same lab!

Mr. Mojo’s Ris­ing (1999) — The Pow­er­puff Girls Car­toon Episode Guide

It’s a blast from the past– a blast of Chem­i­cal X that is. Mojo Jojo reveals that he was once the Professor’s assis­tant, and that he too was altered by the use of Chem­i­cal X. But while lit­tle Jojo got a big brain, the Girls won the Professor’s heart with their com­bi­na­tion of tough­ness and cuteness.

Jojo left the lab and became Mojo Jojo. Out of guilt, the Pro­fes­sor agrees to give Mojo super­pow­ers like the Girls, and Mojo tries to destroy them with his new-found strength.

The Pro­fes­sor finally remem­bers that Jojo was a ter­ri­ble lab assis­tant, who pushed him, trig­ger­ing the acci­dent that led to the Pow­er­puff Girls being on earth! Dis­tracted by the impli­ca­tions of his actions, Mojo goes into a tem­po­rary daze. The Pro­fes­sor is able to strap up Mojo to the power-bestowing device, which, luck­ily, has a reverse button.

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