More Moviegoers Find Resident Evil Than Nemo

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Finding Nemo

Find­ing Nemo

Find­ing Nemo” nar­rowly lost the swim­ming race with Res­i­dent Evil: Ret­ri­bu­tion at the North Amer­i­can box office this past week­end, accord­ing to stu­dio esti­mates released Sunday.

A 3D ver­sion of the 2003 Pixar-Disney smash hit, Find­ing Nemo charted at No. 2 spot in the United States and Canada to open at $17.5 mil­lion, accord­ing to Disney.

By con­trast, live-action hor­ror sequel Res­i­dent Evil: Ret­ri­bu­tion ruled the roost with $21.1 million.

The 3D ver­sion of Find­ing Nemo has col­lected $5.1 mil­lion in seven over­seas coun­tries, includ­ing $1.3 mil­lion over the past week­end. The ini­tial release of Find­ing Nemo brought in $527.9 mil­lion abroad.

The win­ner of the Acad­emy Award for best ani­mated fea­ture film, Find­ing Nemo grossed $868 mil­lion world­wide dur­ing its first run, mak­ing it one of the most suc­cess­ful releases from Disney’s Pixar ani­ma­tion stu­dio. The under­wa­ter com­edy fea­tured the voices of Albert Brooks, Ellen DeGeneres and Willem Dafoe.

This weekend’s 3D re-release cost lit­tle, with the Mouse House spend­ing under $5 mil­lion to con­vert the movie to 3D. Box office results were a bit lower than Disney’s ini­tial pro­jec­tions. How­ever, accord­ing to Dave Hol­lis, Disney’s exec­u­tive vice-president for motion pic­ture dis­tri­b­u­tion, the gross was sim­i­lar to those of ear­lier 3D re-release openings.

It’s great for fam­i­lies dur­ing the day, and then cou­ples at night,” said Hol­lis. There was a bal­ance of age and gen­der among those see­ing the movie this week­end, he added. box office ana­lyst Paul Der­garabe­dian said he was some­what sur­prised that the lat­est incar­na­tion of Res­i­dent Evil would top the box office. He thought that Find­ing Nemo would be the win­ner, what with the con­tin­ued suc­cess of Pixar films and last year’s strong open­ing Disney’s 1994 ani­mated movie The Lion King in 3-D, which debuted at No. 1 with $30.1 mil­lion — and which even­tu­ally brought in $94 million.

This week­end, ani­mated children’s movie Para­nor­man, dis­trib­uted by Uni­ver­sal, was in fifth place in North Amer­ica with $3 mil­lion. In Britain, it reached No. 1 or No. 2, mak­ing $2.2 mil­lion from 481 venues.

Para­nor­man opened abroad in eight mar­kets, mak­ing $3.8 mil­lion over­all at 2,700 the­aters in 36 coun­tries. So far, the Focus Fea­tures film has made $25 mil­lion overseas.

On Mon­day, Seth MacFarlane’s partly ani­mated comedy-fantasy Ted is expected to beat 2009’s The Hang­over as the biggest-grossing orig­i­nal R-rated com­edy released abroad. So far, Ted made $189 mil­lion overseas.

Ted debuted this week­end to col­lect $2.1 mil­lion at 463 venues. Over­all, it gen­er­ated $8.1 mil­lion from 2,800 screens in 43 coun­tries. It’s made $406 mil­lion around the world and still hasn’t been shown in 17 for­eign countries.

Dream­Works Animation’s Mada­gas­car 3: Europe’s Most Wanted opened at No. 1 in Aus­tralia, col­lect­ing $4.4 mil­lion (includ­ing pre­views) at 265 loca­tions. It reached $405 mil­lion abroad after mak­ing $6.9 mil­lion at 2,134 venues in 33 lands.

Tad: The Lost Explorer, the lat­est entry in the Tadeo Jones ani­ma­tion series, remains No. 1 in Spain. Released by Para­mount to 333 the­aters, it’s made $2 mil­lion in its third week­end, rais­ing the cumu­la­tive total to $11.7 mil­lion in Spain — the only coun­try where the film’s been screened so far.

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