Minnie The Moocher (1932) – Talkartoons Theatrical Cartoon Series

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Minnie The Moocher (1932)

Minnie The Moocher (1932)

CotD: Cab Calloway’s first appearance in a Betty Boop cartoon was in 1932’s “Minnie The Moocher” which begins with actual film footage of Cab Calloway dancing in front of his orchestra.

Minnie The Moocher (1932) – Talkartoons Theatrical Cartoon Series

The film opens with live-action footage of Cab Calloway’s Orchestra. Cab is strutting his famous dance moves. Fed up with her parents’ nagging, Betty has a fight with her stern German father. Her father nags so much that his head turns into a talking machine. She resolves to run away with Bimbo.

They’re in the woods when the sun goes down. It’s really spooky. Suddenly, a ghostly walrus appears and begins to sing “Minnie the Moocher.” The ghost walrus’ movements were traced from a live-action film of Calloway’s dancing. The walrus has all of Cab’s patented moves.

All of the ghosts and goblins in the cave dig the walrus’ music. There are spooks everywhere! Betty and Bimbo run home. Betty’s glad to be in her nice, safe bed.

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