Mickey’s Service Station (1935) — Mickey Mouse Theatrical Cartoon Series

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Mickey's Service Station

Mickey’s Ser­vice Station

CotD: Peg-Leg Pete’s peg leg switches sides in “Mickey’s Ser­vice Sta­tion” Watch for that, and two appearing/disappearing fin­gers on the video.

Mickey’s Ser­vice Sta­tion (1935) — Mickey Mouse The­atri­cal Car­toon Series

Pete drops his car off at the ser­vice sta­tion, and wants it back in ten min­utes, or else. Auto mechan­ics Mickey, Don­ald and Goofy go to work on remov­ing a squeak from the car, only to find out in the end that the squeak was caused by a tiny cricket. Hav­ing lit­er­ally destroyed Pete’s car by dis­man­tling it look­ing for the cause of the squeak, they now are forced to sim­ply throw the car back together to beat the 12 o’clock dead­line that Pete gave them.

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