Mickey Mouse Comes To A Stop

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Mickey Mouse Comes To A Stop

Mickey Mouse Comes To A Stop

Upset with Disney for their continued lobbying efforts to secure copyright extensions for Mickey Mouse and other early characters, Los Angeles street artist Denmark has taken to the streets. Denmark has modified numerous stop signs in the Burbank area to resemble the classic Mickey Mouse profile, and including a message reading, “Copyright Extension needs to stop”.

Targeting an area in Burbank Califormia near the Disney Studios, Denmarks says he was intentionally hoping the execs from Disney would notice them on their way to and from the studio offices. Despite the public protest, it is presumed that even after this protest, Disney will not be changing their plans on the acquiring of Copyright Extensions.

“I recently did an installation in and around Los Angeles protesting Copyright Extension,” Denmark told street art blog Wooster Collective, “which is Disney’s very effective lobbying to keep Mickey Mouse, and works created thereafter, out of the public domain.”

Because of Disney’s previous lobbying on this issue, copyright terms have gone from 28 years to at least 95 years. Disney is beginning a new push to extent copyright terms even longer. Many, including Denmark, argue that 95 years is enough to milk their characters, and it is time for the early Disney (and other films) to finally hit the public domain. Further, they contend that films falling into public domain has actually saved them from extinction.

How do you feel about this? is a century enough time to profit from your work…. or do you feel if you created it, you should control that property for longer?

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