Mickey Mouse Comes To A Stop

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Mickey Mouse Comes To A Stop

Mickey Mouse Comes To A Stop

Upset with Dis­ney for their con­tin­ued lob­by­ing efforts to secure copy­right exten­sions for Mickey Mouse and other early char­ac­ters, Los Ange­les street artist Den­mark has taken to the streets. Den­mark has mod­i­fied numer­ous stop signs in the Bur­bank area to resem­ble the clas­sic Mickey Mouse pro­file, and includ­ing a mes­sage read­ing, “Copy­right Exten­sion needs to stop”.

Tar­get­ing an area in Bur­bank Cal­i­formia near the Dis­ney Stu­dios, Den­marks says he was inten­tion­ally hop­ing the execs from Dis­ney would notice them on their way to and from the stu­dio offices. Despite the pub­lic protest, it is pre­sumed that even after this protest, Dis­ney will not be chang­ing their plans on the acquir­ing of Copy­right Extensions.

I recently did an instal­la­tion in and around Los Ange­les protest­ing Copy­right Exten­sion,” Den­mark told street art blog Wooster Col­lec­tive, “which is Disney’s very effec­tive lob­by­ing to keep Mickey Mouse, and works cre­ated there­after, out of the pub­lic domain.”

Because of Disney’s pre­vi­ous lob­by­ing on this issue, copy­right terms have gone from 28 years to at least 95 years. Dis­ney is begin­ning a new push to extent copy­right terms even longer. Many, includ­ing Den­mark, argue that 95 years is enough to milk their char­ac­ters, and it is time for the early Dis­ney (and other films) to finally hit the pub­lic domain. Fur­ther, they con­tend that films falling into pub­lic domain has actu­ally saved them from extinction.

How do you feel about this? is a cen­tury enough time to profit from your work.… or do you feel if you cre­ated it, you should con­trol that prop­erty for longer?

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