Magician Mickey (1937) — Mickey Mouse Theatrical Cartoon Series

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Magician Mickey (1937) - Mickey Mouse Theatrical

Magi­cian Mickey (1937) — Mickey Mouse Theatrical

CotD: David Hand directed Mickey Mouse in 1937’s “Magi­cian Mickey ” with his friends Don­ald Duck and Goofy. Watch it today for a laugh!

Magi­cian Mickey (1937) — Mickey Mouse The­atri­cal Car­toon Series

Mickey is a stage magi­cian, and Goofy is a stage­hand. Don­ald is sit­ting in a box seat, and soon starts heck­ling. Mickey retal­i­ates, among other things by mak­ing him spit out play­ing cards, which only makes Don­ald more angry and deter­mined to heckle. Ulti­mately, Don­ald gets hold of Mickey’s flare gun and lit­er­ally brings the house down around the three of them.

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