Looney Tunes Movie Back In Action

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Looney Tunes Movie Back In Action

Looney Tunes Movie Back In Action

Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck and Yosemite Sam look to be back in action, or at least headed back to the big screen. Warner Bros. has announced that they plan to reboot the clas­sic car­toon short char­ac­ters into an as-yet unti­tled new hybrid live-action/CG film.

For­mer Sat­ur­day Night Live cast mem­ber Jenny Slate is already on board as writer for the new flick. Jef­frey Clif­ford, Harry Pot­ter pro­ducer David Hey­man and Dark Shad­ows writ­ers David Katzen­berg and Seth Grahame-Smith are slated to pro­duce the film.

No cast­ing has yet been announced.

The clas­sic Warner Bros. Looney Tunes (and Mer­rie Melodies) char­ac­ters appeared in shorts from the stu­dio from 1930 through 1968. Dur­ing their ini­tial the­atri­cal run, the Looney Tunes and Mer­rie Melodies series became the most pop­u­lar of all the­atri­cal series, exceed­ing even Dis­ney in audi­ence draw. Var­i­ous revivals of the shorts have occurred since, includ­ing some well regarded CGI shorts over the last few years.

The char­ac­ters have also made their way into two pre­vi­ous live-action/CG films, Space Jamwhich fea­tured Michael Jor­dan, and the Bren­dan Fraser/Jenna Elf­man film Looney Tunes: Back In Action.

Space Jam grossed $90 mil­lion domes­ti­cally and $230 mil­lion world­wide, while the sec­ond film only made only $20 mil­lion domes­ti­cally and $68 mil­lion worldwide.

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