The Looney Beginning (1990) — Tiny Toon Adventures

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The Looney Beginning (1990) - Tiny Toon Adventures

The Looney Begin­ning (1990) — Tiny Toon Adventures

CotD: The first episode in the Tiny Toons series, “The Looney Begin­ning” marked a resur­gence in Warner Bros. animation…

The Looney Begin­ning (1990) — Tiny Toon Adven­tures Car­toon Episode Guide

Hav­ing crum­pled up Mon­tana Max and thrown him in the trash, a Warner Bros. car­toon­ist has until tomor­row morn­ing to come up with a new car­toon series. Aim­ing for some­thing between infan­tile cute­ness and adult vio­lence, he fol­lows Bugs’ advice that ‘you can’t go wrong with rab­bits’ and cre­ates Babs and Buster. The ani­ma­tor gives up and goes home, leav­ing Babs and Buster to pop­u­late Acme Acres with assorted loonies. When Max shows up to wreck the party, Bugs paints in Acme Looniver­sity as a place the bun­nies can learn to deal with their adver­saries (who, Bugs says, ‘always fall for cheesy disguises’).

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