The Looney Beginning (1990) – Tiny Toon Adventures

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The Looney Beginning (1990) - Tiny Toon Adventures

The Looney Beginning (1990) - Tiny Toon Adventures

CotD: The first episode in the Tiny Toons series, “The Looney Beginning” marked a resurgence in Warner Bros. animation…

The Looney Beginning (1990) – Tiny Toon Adventures Cartoon Episode Guide

Having crumpled up Montana Max and thrown him in the trash, a Warner Bros. cartoonist has until tomorrow morning to come up with a new cartoon series. Aiming for something between infantile cuteness and adult violence, he follows Bugs’ advice that ‘you can’t go wrong with rabbits’ and creates Babs and Buster. The animator gives up and goes home, leaving Babs and Buster to populate Acme Acres with assorted loonies. When Max shows up to wreck the party, Bugs paints in Acme Looniversity as a place the bunnies can learn to deal with their adversaries (who, Bugs says, ‘always fall for cheesy disguises’).

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