Lies Disney Has Told Us

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walt-disney-with-pinocchio-noseOver the years, Dis­ney has told us about many of their first: The first ani­mated film, the first sound car­toon and many more. While Dis­ney has cre­ated many great things over the years, prob­a­bly first among their cre­ations is the illu­sion that they were first for many ani­ma­tion mile­stones. Yes, as hard as it may be to accept its true: Dis­ney lied to you.

We’re not talk­ing sim­ple story-telling fic­tions to move films along, like every girl will grow up to find her Prince Charm­ing.… or that if you wish hard enough your dreams will come true. Those we rec­og­nize as plot tools and can excuse them as enter­tain­ment. Nor are we talk­ing lit­tle white fibs of lit­tle to no con­se­quence. We are talk­ing decep­tions that are core of who the Walt Dis­ney Com­pany is, and how they rep­re­sent themselves.

OK, so maybe lied is a bit strong. Is bent the truth a bit bet­ter? Or omit­ted cer­tain facts? How about ignored their pre­de­ces­sors? Maybe they just fed us a bit of dis­in­for­ma­tion? No, actu­ally, lied is just about right when you look at many of the company’s state­ments. To be sure, bend­ing the truth and stretch­ing weasel words to make the com­pany look good is what any good pro­mo­tional depart­ments do, and more power to them for get­ting the Dis­ney Ver­sion of ani­ma­tion his­tory accepted as fact. But much of what you grew up accept­ing as truths about Dis­ney and their films are– quite sim­ply– not correct.

This does not mean we dis­count their tech­ni­cal or artis­tic achieve­ments– no, Dis­ney has done quite well in the pop­u­lar ani­ma­tion mar­ket­place. They have done much to be proud of, and have, in fact, pio­neered many firsts… which makes their claims about feats they never accom­plished even stranger.

So lets set the facts straight. Lets take a look at five of the major achieve­ments Dis­ney has claimed for them­selves through the years, and see who really made them first, despite what the Dis­ney pro­mo­tional jug­ger­naut says…

One thought on “Lies Disney Has Told Us

  1. Wow! “Lie” seems a bit heavy for what are really pub­lic­ity claims that con­ve­niently ignore the facts, and have come to be believed as true over time.

    Untruth” or “disin­gen­u­os­ity” might be less provoca­tive epithets.

    I’m all for expos­ing the true facts, but accus­ing Dis­ney of bla­tant lying is a bit too OTT for me — these are myths and leg­ends that have been repeated so often that Dis­ney staff them­selves believe them.

    The blame lies more with the lazi­ness of media too happy to repeat pub­lic­ity blurb with­out check­ing the facts than with Disney’s delib­er­ate attempts at deceit.

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