Through A Lens Darkly (1999) Daria Television Cartoon Series

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CotD: Here is a series we rarely look at, in fact, I have never seen. MTV’s Daria, and the 1999 show “Through A Lens Darkly”.

Through A Lens Darkly

Through A Lens Darkly

Through A Lens Darkly (1999) Mickey Mouse The­atri­cal Cartoon

Through A Lens Darkly: Helen sug­gests that Daria get con­tact lenses after a bad-driving les­son, which Daria even­tu­ally agrees upon. How­ever, Daria finds the con­tact lenses extremely uncom­fort­able and doesn’t want to wear them any­more. But, not want­ing to go back to the glasses, she winds up spend­ing a day wear­ing nei­ther one and bump­ing into peo­ple. Even­tu­ally, Brit­tany gives her some help­ful advice about being herself.

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