Leibovitz Lenses Disney Characters

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Julianne Moore as Ariel Micheal Phelps as Merman

Julianne Moore as Ariel Micheal Phelps as Merman

World renown photographer Annie Leibovitz has taken a little help from various celebrities to reimage classic Disney characters in real life.

Images include Jessica Biel as Pocahontas, Scarlett Johansson as Cinderella and David Beckham as Prince Phillip.

The series began in 2008, when Annie started her series for Disney titled Dream Portraits. The images featured a series of celebrities and actors/actresses re-enacting a scene from various Disney movies. In 2011, Annie and Disney revisited the series to add more images.

Annie Leibovitz is a celebrity photographer born in Waterbury, Connecticut. There isn’t just one photograph that made Annie such a popular photographer. She started her career working as a staff photographer for the Rolling Stones (magazine). She was soon on tour with The Rolling Stones as their band photographer. Before long she was photographing celebrities and band members all over the world, and has been ever since.

Despite creating some of the most iconic celebrity photographs of our age, Leibovitz has had her share of money problems. In February 2009, Leibovitz borrowed $15.5 million, putting the rights to all of her photographs up as collateral. In July 2009, a breach of contract lawsuit against Leibovitz was filed by Art Capital Group in the amount of $24 million regarding the repayment of these loans.

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